Management is the process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the people and work of the organization in such a way that the organization achieves its goals. Management ranges from the simple to the complex. It encompasses a wide variety of behaviors and tasks within the organization. It may be functionally concentrated, being found in all areas of the organization from production, marketing, finance, human resources, legal, engineering, and the like. Management may also be a general function of the organization, with authority and responsibility for the entire unit.

Management requires the ability to work in a competitive environment and situation. It also requires excellent social skills and oral and written communication skills, together with the ability to think analytically, and takes place under conditions of stress. Further, management involves ethical challenges on a routine basis. Additionally, management often requires computer literacy and quantitative competence. For these reasons, among others, management competence is in high demand.

Concentration in Management

For students enrolling in the college Fall 2009 or later:

    • BUS 345 Human Resources Management
    • BUS 364 Production and Operations Management
    • One (1) ECO or BUS courses at the 200-level or above
    • One of the following: PSY 210 Industrial/Organizational Psychology; SOC 348 Analysis of Formal Organizations; TEC 455 Computer Integrated Manufacturing; COM 302 Organizational Communication; BUS 324 Managerial Accounting; other courses may also be identified subject to department approval.

For students enrolling in the college prior to Fall 2009:

    • BUS 345 Human Resources Management
    • BUS 364 Production and Operations Management
    • BUS 240 Business Law (included in the core for students enrolling Fall 2009 or later)
    • Two (2) ECO or BUS courses at the 200-level or above

Courses recommended for the two additional departmental course(s):

    • BUS 324 Managerial Accounting
    • BUS 323 Income Tax
    • ECO 335 Managerial Economics
    • BUS 257 Consumer Behavior

Other college courses that would be useful include:

    • ENG 280A Workshop in Professional Writing
    • COM 203 Persuasion
    • MAT 135 Calculus I
    • PHI 214 Approaches to Ethics
    • PSC 325 Public Administration and Public Policy
    • PSY 309 Social Psychology
    • TEC 352 Quality Control

Note: Competence in a foreign language is strongly recommended.

Additionally, numerous other courses within the broad college curriculum may meet the needs of individual students who seek more specialization.

All management courses will help you achieve general departmental goals, particularly critical thinking, decision making, development of communication skills, connection of learning within the major and between the major and your experiences beyond the college. All management courses also consider ethical issues. Quantitative and technological skills are specifically addressed in BUS 364 Production and Operations Management.