Learning Opportunities

The Raymond E. and Margaret Mason Business Internship Program provides a quality learning experience in business or economics. It provides an opportunity for business and economics students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom while making meaningful contributions to the organization for which they work. Business and economics students participate in internships in many different kinds of organizations, including both small and international organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit.

The Economics and Business Department has a 20+ year history of supporting internships for its students. Students learn of internships through announcements from the Berea College Office of Internships and Career Development, and the Economics and Business Department. Students also find internship opportunities on their own through family and friends, professional acquaintances, and internet sources.

Most internships are completed during the summer, typically 10 weeks. Interns work with a departmental faculty sponsor in their field of interest to develop the internship proposal. In addition to the work on the job, interns write a reflective journal and complete either a research or experience paper. All departmental internships involve some research in the literature of the field in which the internship takes place.

The Department’s internships are funded through the Raymond E. and Margaret E. Mason Endowment for Economics and Business Internships. Students receive funds to support travel, room and board, and wages.

Independent Studies
Independent studies allow you to study topics that are not part of the regular curriculum. Independent studies require that you work closely with a faculty member in the area in which the independent study is to be done.

Summer Research Projects
Summer research projects in economics are funded through the Joel Dean Fund. If you are interested, talk with Caryn VazzanaScott Steele, Volker Grzimek, or Jean Cupidon.

Student Labor Opportunities
Berea College’s Labor Program gives you the added opportunity to gain significant work experience during your years at Berea. Within the Department, we offer ten- and five-hour teaching associate positions. Teaching associates assist professors and provide tutoring in the accounting and economics labs, which serve students enrolled in departmental courses.

Students interested in gaining experience in management should consider labor positions with:

    • Boone Tavern
    • Food Service
    • Human Resources and
    • Residential Life.

Accounting and finance students can find opportunities in the College’s:

    • Business and Administration
    • Financial Affairs and
    • Payroll offices

Students interested in marketing should look at labor positions in:

    • Campus Activities
    • College Store
    • Student Crafts Marketing and
    • Marketing & Communications.

Other programs, departments, and offices not listed above may also have business-related positions.