Learning Opportunities


The Economics and Business Department has a 20+ year history of supporting internships for its students. Students learn of internships through announcements from the Berea College Office of Internships and Career Development, and the Economics and Business Department. Students also find internship opportunities on their own through family and friends, professional acquaintances, and internet sources.

Students participate in the summer internship program by working for businesses, nonprofits, and governmental entities, usually within their academic discipline, providing exposure to the various dimensions of work that is likely to be encountered in the profession.  The summer program requires ten weeks of 40 hours a week of work, a daily journal, an academic paper, and an oral presentation about the student’s experience when back on campus.

The Department’s internships are funded through the Raymond E. and Margaret E. Mason Endowment for Economics and Business Internships.  Students are paid for their work and are supported for room and board and travel expenses.  They receive one Business or Economics credit for the successful completion of the course.

Independent Studies

Independent studies allow you to study topics that are not part of the regular curriculum. Independent studies require that you work closely with a faculty member in the area in which the independent study is to be done.

Summer Research Projects

Summer research projects in economics are funded through the Joel Dean Fund. If you are interested, talk with Caryn VazzanaScott SteeleVolker Grzimek, or Jean Cupidon.

  • Caudill Luncheon – an annual conference on current trends and issues with industry speakers
  • Professional Funding – financial support for attending conferences and workshops
  • Cornell Weekend – resume review and mock interviews with industry professionals
  • Berea College Motley Fool Investment Club – managing a $243,000 portfolio of equities in the U.S. stock market

Student Labor Opportunities

Berea College’s Labor Program gives you the added opportunity to gain significant work experience during your years at Berea.

Within the Department, we offer ten- and five-hour positions, including:

  • Department office assistant
  • Teaching assistants
  • Investment Club Officer
  • Boone Tavern
  • Food Service
  • Human Resources and
  • Residential Life.
  • Business and Administration
  • Financial Affairs and
  • Payroll offices
  • Campus Activities
  • College Store
  • Student Crafts Marketing and
  • Marketing & Communications.

Other programs, departments, and offices not listed above may also have business-related positions.