Developing Your Intercultural Development Plan (IDP)

Before You Begin…

Before beginning your IDP, be sure to carefully review your IDI Individual Profile results packet with the help of an IDI Qualified Administrator. Start by reflecting on your own background in terms of your profile. Set goals for yourself, each with progress indicators. Think about potential barriers to achieving these goals, and points of intercultural stress between your own culture and different cultures. There are examples of activities for each of these steps in your Individual Profile packet.

Remember that this process is a personal, reflective journey that takes considerable effort and time.

What is the typical time frame for an IDP?

30-50 hours of concentrated effort for each full orientation (or more) on the spectrum may be used as a guideline. The IDP should occur over 3-9 months time.

What are some ways you might develop greater intercultural competence?

  • By taking an educational course, seminar, or tour.
  • By traveling, either abroad or to communities different from your own.
  • By traveling and visiting sites of cultural and ethnic importance.
  • By watching films, documentaries, and plays.
  • By listening to music from various cultures.
  • By reading books, blogs, etc. about topics directly related to social justice, issues of race, class, gender, ethnicity, etc.
  • By reading books, blogs, etc. written by authors of backgrounds different than your own.
  • Attending various training programs at work.
  • Engaging in workplace activities, including diversity & inclusion efforts, and intercultural groups.
  • Personal interactions in your workplace and community with people of different cultures.
  • Keep a journal where you reflect on daily interactions with others in terms of cultural similarities and differences, as well as how you respond when differences among cultures arise.
  • Intercultural coaching from an IDI Qualified Administrator.

Which ones are right for you?

Choose activities that best fit your learning style, lifestyle, interests, current place on the IDI spectrum, future goals, and points of intercultural conflict between your cultural group and cultural groups that are different.

What sorts of opportunities on-campus might you consider in moving along the continuum?

Events Sponsored or Co-Sponsored by the Asian Studies Department

Events at The Carter G. Woodson Center

Events at the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center

Events at the bell hooks center (bhc), including:

  • Gender Talks
  • Evening with an Activist
  • PRIDE Events

Various events sponsored by the Center for International Education (CIE), including:

Events at the bell hooks Institute (bhI)

Various Events Offered by the Berea College Music Department

Various Events Offered by the Berea College Theatre Laboratory

Various Events Offered by the Convocation Program

Various Events offered by The Willis D. Weatherford Campus Christian Center (CCC)

Various Exhibits at the Doris Ulmann Galleries

Various Staff Development Workshops

Participation in Selected Dean’s Reading Group Discussions (Contact Sarah Broomfield for more information.)

Books, Exhibits, Events, Films, and Music offered at the Berea College Hutchins Library

Other Resources

Resources from Gettysburg College

Various Related Research Guides from Hutchins Library:

Books, films, audio books, music, etc. may also be available on this topic from the Madison County Public Library

Have other resources to add here? If so, let Beth Taylor know.