We provide formal and informal STEM-H programs for STEM-H students, K-12 school districts, non-STEM-H students, community members or general public, schools within southeastern Kentucky, teachers, and partnering organizations.

Current Programs/Events:

  1. STEM-H Seminars
  2. Chemistry & Physics Tutoring
  3. The Chemistry of Art Workshops
  4. Student Spaceflight Experiments Program

Potential Programs/Events:

  1. STEM-H Book Club
  2. STEM-H students from other countries or traveled to other countries have a presentation on their home/culture, fix a traditional meal, speak about their background, how they got to where they are today, and their interest/story in science.
  3. Breakfast/Brunch with the Women in STEM-H
  4. Nature Journaling, Science minded drawing workshop
    1. Invite art professors
    2. Partner with Forestry Outreach Center – coordinate with weekly hike
  5. Art Shows
    1. Contact artist with murals at Phelps Stokes
    2. Berea Arts Council
    3. Richmond Area Art Council
  6. Have a few nights a month open for students to practice conference presentations
    1. Invited faculty, staff, community members, community teachers, and other students
  7. Run workshops/labs (similar to Art & Chemistry workshops)
    1. Open to public
    2. Form of after school program/summer camp
  8. Have various ‘working groups’/organizations meet in the YC to expose students to the dynamics and groups occurring in the community.
  9. Robotics competitions
    1. Open to the public
    2. Form of summer camp or after school program
  10. Balsa wood building competitions
    1. Open to public
    2. Form of summer camp or after school program
  11. Science Olympiad, Math Counts, Academic Team competitions/meets
  12. Incorporate 3D printing into events
  13. Science and Religion panel (CCC, Megan Hoffman)
  14. STEM-H Tutoring
  15. Poster sessions of students’ STEM-H research/quality improvement projects that would be open to other schools.
  16. Writing workshop for students interested in publishing their research/quality improvement projects