Berea College Forest Policies and Goals

Berea College Forest Policies and Goals

  • environmentally sound,
  • socially beneficial and
  • economically prosperous management of the world’s forests.
    • Sequestering carbon while producing wood for uses on campus and elsewhere,
    • Providing a setting for our academic Forest Resource Management minor
    • Providing recreational opportunities for Bereans and visitors
    • Providing a lasting water supply of high quality for our town
    • Providing a welcoming habitat for the wildlife of our region.
    • Providing our own wood for campus building projects and for College Crafts as requested.
    • Providing a model for the use of prescribed burning in shortleaf pine and oak management.
    • Providing a model program for sustainable horse logging.
    • Providing a program for American chestnut restoration.
      • an overview of the forest,
      • its origins, purposes and
      • management as an important element of the College and its programs.
        • combating invasives,
        • improving and repairing trails and roads,
        • maintaining the watershed and water transport system,
        • monitoring the health and growth of the trees,
        • taking fire suppression measures (having fought several significant fires in our forest over the years), and
        • celebrating the mountains together as Berea faculty, staff and students spend a day at Indian Fort Theater and the Pinnacles. This happens once a year in October.