Disability and Accessibility Services

Student Note Takers

Some students need note takers due to the functional limitations of their disability. They may come to you with a letter from Disability Services asking for assistance in locating a note taker. The following suggestions are meant to assist you with the process:

  • If the student makes the arrangement for a taker without your assistance that is acceptable, however, if no pre-arranged volunteer is suggested by the student it is important that you provide assistance.
  • You can provide assistance to the student in finding a volunteer note taker by making an announcement in class without revealing the student’s name.
  • If you have a teaching assistant in class to assist you and if this person takes notes, these notes may be another option.
  • If you are willing to share your notes and believe they are thorough, sharing your notes would be a third option.

If you continue to have difficulty finding a note taker, contact the Disability Services office at 985-3212. It is critical that a student who requires note taking services receive this service. Failure to provide a student note taker may be a violation of the ADA and is inconsistent with the recommended academic accommodations. It is best to collaborate with the student’s Coordinator of Disability Services to determine the next step if a note taker cannot be found.

Many faculty and departments have posted notes (such as PowerPoint) on Blackboard or other class websites. This has been extremely helpful to many students who lack the ability to keep up the pace when taking thorough notes and is recommended as a universal design tool. It may also be appropriate for some students to tape record the class and must inform you when that is the intention.

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