Procedure for Assistance with Note-Taking


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 mandate equal access to education, employment, and public services for qualified individuals with disabilities.

Some Berea College students who are registered with Disability & Accessibility Services (DAS) may be receiving note-taking services if the functional impact of the student’s disability adversely affects their ability to take their own notes. Note-taking services provide equal access to instruction during and after class for these students.

Reasonable accommodations are designed to level the playing field for individuals with disabilities. Note-taking services are provided for student who have to overcome a barrier caused by a disability that makes taking notes difficult or impossible.

Students who believe that, based on their disability, they need a note-taker in one or more of their classes, should arrange to meet with DAS (; x.3237; 111 Lincoln Hall) as soon as possible to engage in an interactive process to determine their individualized accommodations.



  1. Determine eligibility for note-taking services
  2. Orient student to note-taking process and note-taking options
  3. Orient instructor/s to note-taking process and note-taking options
  4. Hire, if appropriate, and train a note-taker
  5. Connect student, instructor/s, and note-taker


  1. Register with DAS and request note-taking services in a timely manner. Please see Accommodation Procedure for more information.
  2. Provide your instructor with your Accommodation Notification.
  3. Attend all classes. Note-takers do not function as substitutes for class attendance and notes will not be provided for missed classes.
  4. Notify DAS as soon as possible if you are going to miss class. Note-takers are instructed not to provide notes for days student is not attending class.
  5. Attempt to locate a classmate who is willing to serve as a volunteer note-taker and refer this classmate to DAS for note-taker training.
  6. If unable to find a volunteer classmate, speak to your instructor and request that he/she make an announcement in class
  7. If there are no student volunteers, discuss options with your instructor and contact DAS.
  8. Provide feedback about the quality and consistency of the notes to the note-taker. Consult with the instructor for additional feedback if there is a problem with the notes.
  9. Report any difficulties to DAS immediately.


  1. Review Letter of Accommodations provided by student; Check if “Assistance with Note-Taking” is listed
  2. Review guide to “Assistance with Note-Taking”
  3. Decide if need for note-taking assistance can be provided by yourself or TA; if TA, refer him/her to DAS for note-taker training
  4. If student requires assistance with finding a volunteer note-taker, make announcement to class; do not disclose the name of student/s receiving the accommodation; refer volunteer to DAS
  5. Notify DAS of difficulties in locating a volunteer; DAS will make every effort to hire a 0-5 labor student if needed
  6. If note-taker is hired, provide all handouts and other materials to note-taker
  7. Review and provide feedback about quality and consistency of the notes to the note-taker
  8. Report any difficulties to
  9. Feel free to contact DAS if you have any questions about implementing accommodations for students with disabilities or if any issues arise about note-taking accommodations.


  1. Sign a Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Complete the DAS Note-Taker Training
  3. Attend all classes for which he/she is assigned
  4. Arrange for a back-up note-taker when unable to attend class
  5. Produce clear and thorough notes
  6. Provide the notes to student/s within 24 hours of class
  7. Provide the notes to instructor, if requested
  8. Share the notes with DAS when student is absent from class
  9. Request feedback on quality of notes from student and instruct
  10. Report any difficulties to DAS.