Getting Started

Lincoln Hall

Disability & Accessibility Services is located in Lincoln Hall on the first floor.

Disability & Accessibility Services (DAS) invites students to meet with Lisa Ladanyi, DAS Director, to discuss:

  • Any disability-related barriers they have experienced in the past
  • Any related barriers they are currently facing
  • Or any related barriers they expect for the future at Berea College

Everyone is unique. DAS wants to engage in a dialogue with students about their experiences and expectations. This will help us identify the information necessary to support accommodations.

Documentation may help guide these conversations. This often provides insight about how a student’s disability impacts their higher education experience.

DAS reserves the right to request more documentation to support specific accommodations. Still, we encourage students not to delay meeting with DAS out of concern for not having appropriate paperwork.

Registering with DAS

Please know that services through DAS are voluntary and provided only upon student request. Received documentation is confidential. This information is only released and/or discussed on a need-to-know basis. It is also subject to FERPA guidelines. Outside these guidelines, no information is released and/or discussed without consent from the individual.

  • During the initial meeting, DAS and the student will identify barriers. This will help determine if the student is eligible for services. This may or may not require third-party documentation. Please read the Documentation Guidelines for more information. DAS and the student will explore strategies to:
    • Successfully navigate college and
    • Identify options and campus resources available to all students.
  • Students should contact DAS to make an appointment and complete the DAS Student Information Form to:
    • Request accommodations or
    • Explore options that may or may not be available to them through DAS.
  • If eligible, the student and DAS will determine accommodations to reduce or remove barriers. We will discuss:
    • Students’ rights and responsibilities
    • Procedures for specific accommodations such as accommodation notifications
    • Testing accommodations
    • Alternate text requests and more.
  • DAS will introduce accommodations and services. It will also review DAS policies and procedures and students’ rights and responsibilities. This may take place in the same or a later meeting.

Requesting Accommodations

  1. In a collaborative process, DAS and the appropriate parties will explore possible accommodations. Academic accommodations will not affect the substance of the educational programs. Accommodations will also not compromise educational standards.
  2. DAS, in collaboration with appropriate departments, will also assist with accommodations for:
    1.  Labor
    2. Residence Life (housing)
    3. Student Life (meal plan, car on campus, accessible parking).
  3. DAS will issue an accommodation notification to the student to share with faculty/staff. Student and DAS will discuss how to talk to faculty/staff about accommodations. The student handles retrieving paper or electronic copies of the notification from DAS. It’s the student’s decision whether and when to request accommodation in a program or class. Faculty and staff will not have access to the notification unless and until the student provides it. Please note that accommodations are not retroactive. Accommodation notifications are valid for the current term only. Students should contact DAS to receive accommodations in later terms. Students are encouraged to have a discussion to determine how their accommodations may work for each course or program. If anyone involved believes the accommodation notice should be changed, they should contact DAS. This allows them to help determine what, if any, new accommodations or changes should be made. Follow procedures for other services (e.g. testing accommodations, alternate text requests, etc.).
  4. Communicate with DAS in regards to any questions or concerns as soon as possible. If a student experiences difficulties in obtaining accommodations, follow up with DAS.

Accommodation Appeal / Allegations of Disability Discrimination

DAS dedicates itself to providing equal access to programs, services and activities at Berea College. Students concerned they have been denied equal access or accommodations requested for a documented disability may take action. Students have the right to file an internal appeal or pursue remedies beyond the College. Students are encouraged to speak to Lisa Ladanyi or to follow the DAS Grievance procedures. Please see the Grievance Policy for further information.

Berea College commits itself to:

  • Ensuring students are not subjected to harassment due to a documented disability
  • Ensuring students are not subjected to a hostile environment relating to a documented disability.

It is important to identify and address discriminatory and harassing conduct early. Students should contact Katie Basham if they believe they have been or may be experiencing:

  • Mistreatment
  • Discrimination or
  • Harassment on the basis of a disability.

Katie Basham, director for Diversity & Inclusion, may provide help with mediation or to file a complaint.

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