Disability and Accessibility Services

Exam Proctoring Procedure

If you have a student who has presented authorization for testing accommodations and exam proctoring, please refer to the following process if you choose to have exams administered at The Center for Transformative Learning (CTL).


  • Discuss accommodation requests with your students at the beginning of each semester when they present their accommodation forms.
  • For extended time and/or quiet room testing accommodations a student should attempt to remind the instructor, before each test, of his/her need and arrange with you the time/room and how the test is to be delivered to the room.
  • The student must have the instructor’s completed Testing Accommodation Form* that you should go over in detail together. This form details the specific testing instructions for the individual class.
  • If the student is to take the test at the CTL, you or the student must contact the CTL at least one (1) week in advance to discuss those arrangements.
  • If the student requires a test reader or scribe, you or the student must notify the CTL at least five (5) business days in advance.
  • The CTL must have a completed copy of the Testing Accommodation form, signed by the professor, prior to administering any testing.
  • Tests and exams must be taken at the same time as they are scheduled for the rest of the class unless otherwise approved by the instructor.
  • If you foresee that any testing for your class will have the same instructions as detailed on the form, you may request that The CTL keep a master copy on file, thus eliminating the need to re-submit a form for each test.
  • If you prefer to tailor the instructions to each test, please indicate this preference on the form in the space provided.

*Testing Accommodation Forms are available through The CTL in 314 Stephenson Hall, or by contacting Jennifer Marciniak at x3233. Forms may not be picked up or delivered by students.

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