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The Loyal Jones Appalachian Center at Berea College is a complex mixture of scholarship, academics, in-reach, out-reach, and action. The center has core activities based in our dynamic and multifunctional LJAC Gallery.

Location: 128 Stephenson Hall

Phone: 859-985-3780


The mission of the Black Cultural Center is to provide services that support the needs of African American people at Berea College. We do this through co-curricular programs, leadership development, intercultural/interracial understanding opportunities and academic excellence strategies. The center provides services to support the recruitment, retention, and graduation of Black students.

Location: Carter G. Woodson Center, Alumni Building

Phone: 859-985-3795

Berea College no longer has a physical bookstore. Textbooks are sold through an online vendor Akademos. Berea College items can be purchased at the Visitor Center and Shoppe on 104 Main Street.

Phone: 859-985-3145

The Campus Activities Board also known as CAB is a volunteer student organization that plans and coordinates many student activities on campus. We strive to be a unified board that promotes a healthy, productive atmosphere. For the students, whom we serve, we hope to be approachable, understanding, flexible, dedicated, friendly, informed, diverse in views, respectful and to provide a variety of activities for them to participate in during the school year.

Location: Alumni Building – Room 8

Phone: 859-985-3289

The Campus Christian Center provides many opportunities for worship, weekly prayer, devotional study of Christian scripture, and interfaith conversations and events. Students can deepen their intellectual and spiritual engagement with Christian faith through convocations, lectures, workshops, pastoral counseling, and occasional spiritual retreats.

Location: 107 Draper Building

Phone: 859-985-3134


The CELTS provides students with volunteering opportunities at local, national, and international level. CELTS also houses several service oriented programs such as the Boner Scholar Program, the Hispanic Outreach Program, People who Care, Habitat for Humanity and many others.

Location: 2nd floor of Stephenson Hall

Phone: 859-985-3605


The Francis and Louise Hutchins Center for International Education fosters understanding of, and respect for, all peoples of the earth. The Center for International Education, established through a generous gift from David and Betty Jones, opened in Fall 1998 as the International Center, bringing together the Office of International Studies and the International Student Advisor. Initially housed in temporary quarters in the Home Management House, the Center moved to permanent offices in the renovated Woods-Penniman Building in Fall 1999. The CIE was dedicated in November 2006 to Francis and Louise Hutchins in recognition of their work in China and America in fostering respectful and mutually beneficial international relations.

Location: 205-207 Woods-Penniman

Phone: 859-985-3453


The CTL includes the offices of Faculty Development, TA/tutor support and development services, & Writing Resources. These offices provide free services designed to strengthen teaching and learning skills and enhance achievement. Services include assistance with writing papers, including structure, format, appropriate citation references, training for advanced teaching assistant and tutor roles for students, and other related topics.

Location: Hutchins Library – Ground Floor

Phone: 859-985-4964


Counseling Services provides personal, educational, and life skills counseling for all Berea College students and spouses. Licensed professional counselors assist students with difficulties in an unbiased and objective way. All professional counseling services are completely confidential. No one, including parents, relatives, friends, or college staff has access to any information about a student without their consent.

Location: 100 Fairchild Hall

Phone: 859-985-3212

Disability & Accessibility Services is a point of contact to discuss any disability-related barriers a student may have experienced in the past, anticipates for the future, or is currently facing at Berea College.

Location: 111 Lincoln Hall

Phone: 859-985-3237


ESP’s mission is to provide a support system that assists students in achieving academic, personal, financial, social and career planning goals.

Each ESP student will work one-on-one with an academic counselor to develop a Success Plan designed specifically to address academic, personal, financial, social and career planning needs.

Location: 128 Stephenson Hall

Phone: 859-985-3778


The Espacio Cultural Latinx works to provide our Latinx community with a safe space where studies and enriching conversation can take place.

Location: Fairchild Room 10

Phone: 859-985-3601


The White House Clinic provides on-campus, low-cost health care for students and eligible dependents.

Location: St. Joseph Berea Hospital through main entrance

Phone: 859-985-1415


The library supports the educational mission of the college by maintaining a rich collection of materials in a variety of formats (books, journals, newspapers, Internet resources, CDs, audio tapes, videos, laser discs, LPs, etc.), by providing Interlibrary Loan service, and by helping students develop their skills in locating and evaluating information. The library also provides help with research projects and studying areas.

Phone: Tel: 859-985-3364, Txt: 859-212-6621

The Technology Resource Center provides assistance with telephone and in-person assistance, laptop and software support, and computer-related questions.

Location: adjacent to Hutchins Library

Phone: 859-985-3343


The Student Labor Program at Berea is based on an understanding and expectation of labor as student- and learning-centered; as service to the College and broader community, and as providing necessary work (i.e. work that needs to be done) being done well.  Students, faculty, and staff at Berea are engaged in a continuous learning environment that encourages all workers to be active learners, workers, and servers, in a place where the Christian values of human compassion, dignity, and equality are expressed and lived.

Location: 1st Floor Hafer-Gibson

Phone: 859-985-3611

The Mathematics and Computer Science Lab is open for support with all levels of mathematics and computer science. Berea’s Math/CS Lab Assistants should be able to help with most mathematical and computer questions that arise from study in the mathematics and computer science courses at Berea College.

Location: Hutchins Library’s Basement

Phone: 859-985-3360


Non-traditional students are those students who begin attending Berea College when they are 23 years or older, and/or are married, and/or have children.

Location: Frost Cottage

Phone: 859-985-3925



The Office of Internships and Career Development can assist you in: Choosing a major; Exploring potential careers; Preparing for a job search by developing a focused résumé and cover letter; Improving your interview skills; Determining best strategies for attending graduate schools and more!

Location: 308 Stephenson Hall

Phone: 859-985-3656


The Office of the Registrar is available to assist students, faculty, and alumni with a variety of services. We maintain academic records on all students, oversee registration, degree audits, declaration of major and credit transfer. We provide transcripts, enrollment verifications, and answer any questions pertaining to these transactions.

Location: 1st Floor Lincoln Hall

Phone: 859-985-3185

The Office of Student Success and Transition is designed to provide students with foundational skills, supportive relationships, habits of mind, and the confidence necessary to make a successful transition to a college learning environment.

Location: 128 Stephenson Hall

Phone: 859-985-3376


As a part of Berea College, Printing Services proudly serves the printing, duplicating and copying needs of the Berea campus and the local community. Printing Services is also where you may obtain (or refill) the Print&Copy Cards used to activate the various multi-function copiers located around campus. Our services include: offset printing, high-speed duplicating, copying, wide-format printing, graphic design, and more.

Location: Stephenson Hall, First Floor

Phone: 859-985-3166


Berea College has developed policies and procedures, offers educational programs, cooperates with local law enforcement agencies, and supports a  Department of Public Safety to enhance the safety and security of its students, employees, and guests.  The college recognizes shared responsibility for the welfare of the community.  This publication, in addition to outlining the institution’s efforts in this regard, reminds students and employees of their personal responsibility to take prudent precautions and to inform others, especially Public Safety, about known safety hazards or security concerns.  More detailed information on the following sections can be found in the Catalog and Student Handbook or by calling the departments of Public Safety or Student Life.

Location: 1st-floor Woods-Penniman

Phone: 859-985-3333

The Student Accounts office maintains academic records on all students as well as record of all financial transactions (except telephone accounts). We can provide transcripts, enrollment verifications, and/or a detailed listing of student charges and payments on your student account, and answer any questions pertaining to these transactions. Currently, the Student Service Hours are Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

In addition to monitoring student academic and financial records, the Student Accounts office: Houses various forms for financial and academic activities; Maintains records on all non-Stafford student loans; Monitors payroll deductions; verifies current enrollment.

Location: 100 Lincoln Hall

Phone: 859-985-3094

We, the students of Berea College, unite to represent student opinion and voice among faculty, administration, staff, and each other by combining our talents and diversities. Understanding the importance of promoting student welfare, representing student concerns and opinions, protecting the best interests of students, and fostering communication among the aforementioned groups, we resolve to work toward the benefit of the Student Body. In all these means, we strive to remember the traditional ideals of the Great Commitments of Berea College as they apply to the Student Body, thus establishing the Berea College  Student Government Association.

Location: Alumni Groundfloor


The Student Financial Aid department provides assistance in addressing financial concerns such as term bill payments, grants, and loans among other services.

Location: 120 Lincoln Hall

Phone: 859-985-3310


The Women’s and Gender Non-Conforming Center is an inclusive space where historically underrepresented students, including but not limited to women, LGBTQPIA+, and sex and gender non-conforming students, can come to be as they are, outside of social scripts.

Location: Draper 106

Phone: 859-985-3217


Writing Resources serves as Berea College’s writing center. It assists students, faculty and staff with all types of writing at any stage of the writing process. Consultants can assist with pre-writing, such as understanding the assignment and brainstorming ideas. They can also assist with organization, thinking through content, and APA/MLA/Chicago style formatting. From personal writing to lab reports, peer consultants can help work past your writing concerns and questions.

Location: Hutchins Library, Lower Level

Phone: 859-985-3404