About Dance Programs

Berea College has a thriving Dance Program, offering a Dance Minor , a wide array of dance classes and eight dance ensembles.

Dance has always been an important part of life at Berea College. In the 1920s, Oscar Gunkler, faculty in Physical Education, introduced modern and folk dance to the campus. In 1938, Frank Smith, founded the Berea College Country Dancers. In 1995, Dr. Susan Spalding, established Dance Programs as part of the Health and Human Performance Department. Currently, Dance Programs supports eight dance ensembles and several annual dance events and performances.

Why Study Dance?

A Minor in Dance provides an opportunity for more in-depth study for students from any major. Dance opens doors to personal creativity and expressiveness. Dance provides physical and mental exercise simultaneously. Dance is a way of socializing and participating in healthful recreation. For many, dance is a great stress reliever.

Students who choose to study dance come from fields as diverse as Education, Biology, Physical Education, Psychology, and Nursing. Some choose it for personal development, while others plan to pursue careers in such fields as Dance Therapy, Theater, Music, Counseling, or Physical Therapy.