GSTR 110 Information

This one credit course is designed to help students with transitions from their past experiences to the challenges of college academic life and culture, while also emphasizing writing, reasoning, and learning as foundations for continuing academic success in General Education and beyond. Each section of the course involves explicit, continuing attention to writing, reasoning, research, and reflective engagement with various texts, written and non-written. All sections initially address student questions about the nature of education, liberal-arts education, and links to lifelong learning and living. This course is offered in multiple sections each year and is typically taken in the first regular term. Transfer students who meet certain criteria may waive GSTR 110. Students who have passed GSTR 210 may not retake GSTR 110.

Course Structure

Each section is taught by one faculty member or a team of faculty. Faculty determine a focus around which to develop their own section to display broadly multi-disciplinary explorations of a topic. Faculty teaching this course may select common experiences or texts suitable for this initial inquiry with students. All sections require and teach common texts for critical thinking and writing. GSTR 110 sections are scheduled to meet 4 hours a week.

GSTR 110 instructors also serve as academic advisors for first-year students. To the extent possible, instructors/advisors should seek ways to achieve some of our goals for first-year advising, and the course syllabus should reflect this commitment. For students these goals include:

  • seeking appropriate assistance in a timely manner
  • demonstrating responsibility for their learning
  • being accountable for their learning
  • being self-motivated to learn and perform
  • effectively setting goals and priorities related to coursework

GSTR 110 Section Descriptions

Each term, GSTR 110 instructors slated to teach in the next term update their section descriptions. Section descriptions give students a better idea about specific topics, texts, ideas, etc. that each instructor has structured their course around. You can view section descriptions here:

Informational Video

For even more information about GSTR 110, we invite you to watch the video here: