Degree Works Step-by-Step Instructions

Accessing Degree Works

  1. You will then see the initial view of your Degree Works audit worksheet.

Navigation Bar and Student View

The top of the Degree Works audit worksheet contains basic student information, such as Student ID number, degree, major, classification, etc. The default view is the student view. If you are pursuing more than one degree (Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science), click on the drop down arrow in the navigation bar to select which degree audit you’d like to view.  Students with Double Majors leading to one degree–the Bachelor of Arts–will see both majors incorporated on a single degree audit.

The Degree Works audit worksheet is divided into several sections, called blocks, which together comprise your degree audit. The types and number of blocks may vary from student to student, depending on the academic program you have selected. The following is an overview of the blocks all students will likely see on the degree audit worksheet.

Degree Block

The first block found at the top of every audit is the Degree Block. This will list the requirements for your degree. If you have not yet declared a major, the Degree Block will default to an Undeclared Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Science, deepening on student’s exploratory interests. Note that the degree block shows the total number of credits required for your major and degree selections. This block lists all the graduation requirements.

Note that throughout the audit, you will see the following symbols to indicate progress toward a particular requirement. They can also be found at the bottom of the audit worksheet.

General Education Core Block

The block immediately below the Degree Block is the General Education Core Block.  This block tracks progress on the General Education Core.

General Education Perspectives Block

The General Education Perspectives Block follows. Progress towards satisfying General Education Perspectives is tallied.

Additional General Education Requirements Block

In addition to Core and Perspective requirements, additional general degree requirements are listed and recorded in the following blocks.

Major and Minor Blocks

The Major and Minor Blocks follow the Degree Block and the General Education Blocks.

20 Credits Outside the Major

Other Blocks

The bottom of the audit will have some variety for each student, depending on coursework taken and academic progress.

Pay particular attention to the Additional Courses Block.  If you believe one of your courses should be tracked in another block, consult your advisor, the Catalog, or Curriculum Guides to review your initial understanding.

The In-progress Courses Block simply lists the courses for which you are currently enrolled.  This is one additional place to check your registration status.  The In-progress Courses Block is directly connected to your enrollment in Banner, and will update nightly with any changes made.

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*Thanks to Rice University for providing a model framework and text for introducing Degree Works to Berea College.  The framework and much of the text on these pages is borrowed directly from similar pages at Rice.