Center for Teaching and Learning Teaching Assistant and Tutor Certification Program

Earn a workshop completion certificate and/or become a Certified Tutor: You can obtain two certificates through the Teaching and Learning Assistant Program, which can be added to your résumé or CV. To meet the requirements, you can  obtain both certifications by:

  • Attending 10 hours of workshops
    *Students receive 3 hours of workshop credit for attending TA Orientation.
  • Completing a short reflection known as the Teaching Assistant Philosophy Statement
  • Logging your hours as a TA/Tutor
  • Completing 2 Observations. You must be observed by Lauren Hall, Coordinator of Teaching and Learning Assistant Programs. For more details, review the Berea College TA/Tutor Certificate information packet.

Writing Resources Training Program – Newly hired writing consultants will also attain ITTPC certification during their training semester led by Director of Writing Resources Amy McCleese Nichols.

Students can now earn a notation on their labor transcript when they meet the requirements for Workshop Completion Certificate and/or CRLA Certification

Certificate 1: Workshop Completion Certificate

The certificate of workshop completion itself serves as evidence of the hard work you have put into participation in the workshop series, the skills you have developed, and can be shown to professors interested in hiring a TA or put on a résumé/CV. This is obtained by attending workshops and completing the reflection (bullets 1-2 above).

Certificate 2: CRLA Certified Level 1 Tutor

The International Tutor Training Program Certificate (ITTPC) offered through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA), is a more thorough documentation of your tutor/TA development and is recognized by many future employers. In addition to attending workshops and completing the reflection, you must also log your TA hours and submit 2 observations (bullets 3-4 above).

All Writing Resources consultants will fulfill workshop, reflection, and consulting hours requirements during the fall semester of their first year through coursework and labor hours.