Student Staff

Senior Consultant Audrey against a brick wall


Greetings! I’m from a little town you probably haven’t heard of called Owenton. I am a Junior English major and a Spanish minor. I love traveling, kayaking, hiking, + anything outdoors! This summer I was a raft guide on a class IV river in Tennessee! As far as writing goes, I enjoy research papers most, but I am looking to strengthen my creative writing skills. I’m looking forward to working with you! Have a wonderful day!

Senior Consultant Colby standing in front of the ocean


Hello! I am a Junior English major with a minor in creative writing, and Appalachian studies. My favorite thing to do in my free time is spend time with my husband and dog. I absolutely adore sloths and manatees; they are definitely my favorite animals. Come see me down at Writing Resources!

Consultant Evie standing in front brick wall


Hi! I am a junior majoring in Child and Family Studies with a concentration in nutrition and a Creative Writing minor. My area of focus for consultations is with creative works, but I also enjoy working with outlines, helping writers put their thoughts together, and sentence level structures and grammar. I love reading; some of my favorite authors are Orwell and Steinbeck. I love the smell of fall, campfire smoke, and freshly brewed coffee, especially all together on a cold morning watching the sun come up over the mountains. I’m a weirdo who actually loves airports – yes, even going through security. Coffee,  travel, campfires, books, pens, paper, art, paint, photography, dogs, trees, Star Wars, superhero movies, the beach, hiking, fog, rain, wolves, sunshine, late nights, looking at the stars, first snows, and early mornings are all my loves; I am easily in awe of the world and love observing and experiencing it.

Consultant Jaya standing in front of brick wall


Hi there! I am currently a sophomore intending to major in communications. I love exploring different forms of writing and how this translates to the way people express their thoughts. I’d love to help you hash out a starting outline or just organize your thoughts. I look forward to learning new things and both developing and growing as a consultant.

Consultant Laura standing in front of brick wall


Hi! 你好! I’m from Asheville, North Carolina. I’m planning on being a Biology major, but I love to read and write. Drawing is a hobby of mine. I love pets, but dogs are absolutely my favorite. I have a small dog at home who is my world. I aspire to be a doctor and cure diabetes mellitus. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Office Assistant Matthew standing in front of brick wall


Howdy, y’all! I’m from Bowling Green, KY and I’m a freshman hoping to Major in Political Science and minor in Spanish, but honestly just as clueless as the rest of y’all. Although, I won’t be a consultant, as an office assistant, I will (sometimes) be the first face you see upon entering Writing Resources, so please don’t hesitate to come up to me if you have any questions. I promise I don’t bite! I’m a huge lover of the arts and enjoy reading, writing, and singing on my free time; if you ask, I might belt out a tune for you or recite a ballad, but no promises. I’m so excited to be working in Writing Resources, and I can’t wait to see y’all’s lovely faces this semester!

Consultant Sarah standing in front of brick wall


I am a Political Science major and it is my Second year here at Berea College. I am from northern Illinois in the Chicago suburbs. Some of my hobbies include: Soccer, Watercolor painting, and hanging out with friends. I enjoy everything from creative writing to argumentative essays.

Consultant Sophie standing in front of brick wall


Hi I am a sophomore TAD major and this is my first year with writing resources! Even though it’s not my major, I love English (and my friends always send me their papers to help them), so I am excited to work here! In my free time (which we all know can be few and far between) I love to watch movies and ride bikes. I hope to see you in the center soon!

Office Assistant Sreynit standing in front of brick wall


I am a freshman who’s looking forward to majoring in Agriculture and Natural Resources. In this first year, I will be an office assistant for the Writing Resource Department, which is full of nice and friendly people. When you come to ask for help from the Writing Resource Department, look for the girl who smiles with all of her teeth showing and this girl will help you find your way to your consultant. By the way, I am from Cambodia.

Consultant Hamilton standing against brick wall


I am a sophomore history major from Upstate New York currently focused on studying the intersection of race, historiography and landholding in the Bluegrass region. My specialties include source gathering and footnote formulation. I love old books, flowers, tea and helping you find the evidence and structure you need to bring your writing project to life!

Shania Bio Image


Hi! My name is Shania (sha-ny-uh) I’m from Chicago, Illinois and I’m a Junior Peace and Social Justice Major and Philosophy Minor. Fun facts about me are that I am enlisted in the US Army Reserve and I’m also a vegetarian! I love animals (even though I do not currently have one of my own) and I love helping people in whatever way I can.



Hi, my name is Callista and I’m a sophomore biology major. I’m from Atlanta Georgia and I have a small aquarium I love tending to. This is my first year working for writing resources and I’m very excited!