Student Staff

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Hello! I am a communication major and I enjoy learning ASL and Spanish in my free time. I enjoy helping with rhetorical analysis and brainstorming.  

Callista Tyson


I’m a Junior Biology major and creative writing minor. I’ve been a writing consultant since fall of 2020. I enjoy keeping an aquarium and many plants. My favorite types of consultations are brainstorming, papers with topics the student picked, and creative writing.



I am a senior TAD major (SENS minor), and I have been a writing consultant here since my sophomore year. I am very passionate about music and movies and can talk about them for hours. Come to me with any of your paper needs: grammar, organization, brainstorming, etc., or if you just want to feel a little more confident in your writing!

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Howdy! I am a Biology Major (French minor), and I enjoy reading manga, drawing, and talking about cinematography. I enjoy helping with grammar, organization, and conventions for the English language.   

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Hello! I am a senior biology major and I have been with Writing Resources since Fall of 2019. I enjoy drawing and playing ping pong. My specialty is brainstorming, outlining, and final revisions. I look forward to helping you with your writing. 

Office Assistant Matthew standing in front of brick wall


Howdy!! My name’s Matthew, I’m a political science major and Spanish minor, and I’ve been a member of the office staff at WR since 2019. I’m a huge fan of anything Marvel or K-pop related, and I’m here to help you with any of your scheduling or direction-seeking needs!



Hi everyone! I’m an English major, and I enjoy writing poetry, kayaking, gardening, and playing music. I enjoy helping with grammar, word choice, creative writing, sourcing/referencing, brainstorming, and organization- if it has to do with words, I’m eager to be of assistance!  



Hello! I am an English Major and I enjoy anime. I also am passionate about comic books. I enjoy helping people assess their writing abilities and helping people find their strengths as a writer while helping them overcome their weaknesses. I am extremely good at reviewing drafts and guiding creative thinking.  

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Hello! I am a Sophomore Business Administration major, and I enjoy reading, decorating, and listening to music. I love helping others with brainstorming ideas and reaffirming other’s ideas. You can find me on a cold winter night drinking hot chocolate, listening to Chopin 

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Hello! I’m a senior history major that enjoys cross-stitching and drawing in my free time. I also love various video games like Ooblets, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, and so many others! I also love animation of all kinds. I work as the website manager here at the CTL, and I overuse exclamation marks!

Daisy Clemmons


Hey, I’m Daisy! I’m a freshman and I intend to major in English with a focus on writing. I enjoy learning to skateboard and exploring new places.  

caitlyn hansberger


Hey! I am a psychology and English double major with a minor in creative writing. I enjoy producing music, doing photography, traveling, and drawing. I like to help with creative writing, final revision edits, APA psychology papers, and brainstorming. 


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Hello, I am an English major with a Creative Writing minor. I enjoy playing video games, writing stories and poems, and scrolling through social media!  

Amy Sutter


Hello! I am an Elementary Education Studies major, and I enjoy anything outdoors related. I enjoy helping with brainstorming, organization, and increasing clarity in writing.   


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Hello, I’m Dakota; I’m a third-year biology major and a writing consultant. My hobbies/interests include drawing, ceramics, playing violin/fiddle and any other stringed instrument, woodworking, and cooking. My favorite part of the writing process is brainstorming ideas.