Student-Faculty Partnerships Program

Student Faculty Partnerships


The Student-Faculty Partnerships Program, piloted in the spring of 2017, brings students and faculty together to explore teaching and learning.  Based on the premises of respect, reciprocity, and shared responsibility (Cook-Sather, A., Bovill, C., & Felten, P., 2014), students are paired with faculty partners to engage in dialogue about the student’s observations of the class and the professor’s pedagogical goals for the course. Students participate in a quarter-credit, a semester-long course focused on deepening their understanding of pedagogy, student learning, and student-faculty partnerships. Our post-baccaulaureate scholars, Mia Rybeck and Khadijah Seay, along with Dr. Leslie Ortquist-Ahrens, helped create new resources and deepened existing opportunities for faculty and students to develop informed dialogues and partnerships to explore teaching and learning at Berea College. Working together with other stakeholders on campus, we will continue to study and share students’ perspectives on learning and help lead and facilitate existing programs devoted to fostering partnerships.   

Copy of Student Faculty Partnerships Program


For more information, please contact Dr. Leslie Ortquist-Ahrens.