Computer Science Program

Special Programs

Outside of class, students may participate in special programs designed for students studying Mathematics and/or Computer Science. Students may join the student run Math and CS Club, travel on one of the several departmentally funded trips to conferences, participate in research, or take part in other activities offered year-round. Research and internships are also encouraged by the department and are often pursued by students during their summer break.

Research Opportunities

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department has a long-standing tradition of involving students in research. Current research is underway on developing software for a new robotic platform. These research efforts include a completely new overall robot design with an impact on performance in terms of mobility, manipulation, and communication capabilities, the creation of a software backbone system for sensory processing and communication among different miniature robots in order to create an effective robotic team. This work is expected to contribute to the field of miniature robot design resulting in heterogeneous robot teams that will be far more effective in tasks such as search/rescue missions, locating the source of a biological or chemical release, decontamination and decommissioning efforts, and monitoring highly sensitive areas of populations, such as elderly or disabled patients in residential care units. This work has been funded by the National Science Foundation, Award #0420836 from 2004 to 2008.
More information about research opportunities in the Department.

Labor in the Department

Following Berea College’s commitment to student labor as a means of learning, the Mathematics and Computer Science Department employs students to work within its facilities. Student labor positions in the Department include working as a teaching assistant, tutoring in the Mathematics and Computer Science Lab, supervising other students, working as a research assistant, and other jobs that keep the department functioning.

Travel to Conferences

Several times each year, the Mathematics and Computer Science Department sponsors a trip to a professional conference. Because of the departmental commitment to the value of these experiences, the cost to the student is minimal. The Department has sponsored recent trips to conferences as close as Eastern Kentucky University and as far away as Chicago.

Internship Opportunities

An internship is an opportunity to gain valuable work experience in an applied setting. Internships are supervised both within the work setting and by a faculty member who is knowledgeable in the discipline related to the internship. Internships typically take place during Short Term or Summer Term. For example, over the last several years several Berea Computer Science students have been involved in Technical Internships with the Letcher County Fiscal Court. The summer 2005 Berea College interns will survey all county agencies holding public data, inventory the data for accuracy, and advise the county on how the data can be shared by establishing a centralize computer database. These interns will also digitize the aerial photography recently obtained by the 911 office and work with the Kentucky River Area Development District to overlay the photographs onto existing map files. The interns will also work with the Sheriff’s office in establishing a Citizen’s Watch organization.

Visiting Lecturers

Each year the Mathematics and Computer Science Department invites several outside lectures on a variety of topics running the gamut in the mathematical sciences. Recent invited talks have been on graphical techniques of image recovery and optimizing algorithms in parallel processing.

Each year at homecoming time the Mathematics and Computer Science Department holds two special events: The Friday afternoon Homecoming Alumni Lecture in which a departmental alumni returns to give an invited talk and the Saturday afternoon Homecoming Alumni Panel Discussion which is a formal opportunity for alumni to return to discuss their work experiences with current students and to offer some observations and advice.

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