Hack-a-thon Wins


DerbyHacks Hack-a-thon


   Students Ishwar Agarwal, Andres Berejnoi, Samriddha KC, and Puspa Kafley placed first for their SnapCal application, which  analyses an image from a smartphone camera and uses machine learning to determine individual food items and informs the user of the caloric content. The students were awarded first place on their application.




Students, Ashley Aiken and Kenny Nelson, placed third for their BrokeNHungry application, to assist with shopping for food. The application has prompts to allow for different diets, budget and then assigns different percentages within a food pyramid. The program then creates a shopping list and helps users buy healthy on a tight budget. The students placed 3rd for their application. 



Cat Hacks 3-

Berea students, Ishwar Agarwal, Alexandrith Sharron, and Andres Bereajnoi Bejarano, went to the Cat Hacks 3 hack-a-thon event in April 2017. At this event the team created a prototype app that they called ‘Hello Bank.’ They created this app for the visually impaired and allowed the user to access their bank information on mobile devices through verbal commands. The students created the prototype in 24 hours, and placed 1st on their creation and presentation of their app.




   Berea students, Ishwar Agarwal, Zach Ball, Kye Woover, and Jesson Soto Ventura, attended HackNC in 2017. In 24 hours, the students created a team, a problem, and a solution .The application utilized IBM’s  artificially intelligent supercomputer, Watson to enable students in courses to ask questions of the TAs. While the student waits for the TA to respond, Watson will attempt to provide guidance on how to resolve their issue. Watson did this by automatically providing relevant links and solutions pertaining to their problem. The students named their project, Elementary.   Elementary won IBM’s “Best application of an IBM product” at HackNC.