Rachael Hovermale, ARNP, DNP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
At Berea College since 2004

Contact Information

Fairchild Hall, 100
CPO 2174
Email: Not available
Phone: 859-985-3212
Fax: 859-985-3816

Office Hours

By appointment only


Rachael is a Licensed Advanced Practical Registered Nurse Practitioner with a doctorate in Nursing Practice. She has worked in both inpatient and out-patient mental health facilities for the past seventeen years. For the last eleven years, Rachael has provided diagnoses and medication management for all types of mental illnesses. In addition to spending one day a month working with Berea College students, Rachael teaches Psycho-pharmacology and Psychiatric Clinical Course, and is also the Program Coordinator for the PMHNP, MSN, program. She also works part time at both the White House Clinic and Madison County Detention Center as a psychiatric consultant. Her goal is to help clients learn ways to be in control of their illness through medication and therapy, rather than allowing the illness to control them.