Crisis Situations

What do I do in emergency situations?

If the situation is an emergency and you feel the student is going to hurt themselves or someone else you need to:

  1. Call Public Safety (859-985-3333) and let them know there is an individual who is going to hurt themselves or someone else.
  2. After Public Safety is contacted, please call Counseling Services (859-985-3212)

If the student is not in imminent danger of physically harming themselves or others, then you should:

  1.  Call Counseling Services stating, “This is an emergency and the student with me needs an appointment right away”  or walk the student to Counseling Services to make sure they are seen right away.

If Counseling Services is closed and you have an emergency, contact Public Safety (859-985-3333) and the Collegium member on duty (859-200-0737).  They will make sure the student is safe and contact one of the counselors.

The 4 R’s of Responding to a Student in Crisis


Breathe! If there is evidence of a medical emergency (pills consumed or other physical harm), call 911. Otherwise, stay calm and take your time. Provide a safe and private space for the student. Then–help the student determine their immediate needs (medical attention, counseling, staying with a friend).


Assist with connecting the student to the resources that can best address their needs. Whatever option they choose, remain with the student until arrangements have been made.


Explain your obligation to report to ensure the student and community remain safe.


Know you have done your part. Allow the student to proceed with their choice of action. Offer support but trust there are medical, administrative and counseling resources in place to assist them from this point forward.

Referrals and Resources


Counseling Services

Campus Christian Center (CCC)

Public Safety


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Crisis Text Line
(Text from anywhere in the USA to text with a trained Crisis Counselor)

Bring Change to Mind

Depression Toolkit