Outreach Staff

Kandy Escobedo

My name is Kandy Escobedo, I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a junior at Berea College. I am an elementary education major. I am a broom maker and I am excited to share my passion for broom making to others as well as expanding my knowledge on brooms.

Allison Dallman

I’m Allison. I’m from Liberty, a little town in the middle of nowhere known for its many gate companies. I’m currently a Junior History major with a religion minor. I work primarily with baskets and woven stools, and if there are chairs that need to be repaired I’ll be one of the ones fixing them. The thing that makes me excited about working with Craft Outreach is being able to create something, I like really making things and using my hands.

Sydney Lent     

Hi, I’m Sydney and I’m from Athens, Ohio. I am a Sophomore of Class of 2021. My crafts are both brooms and wood.  I am excited to serve the people of Berea and surrounding communities in Appalachia with the Student Craft Education and Outreach Program.

Augusta Enns

I’m Augusta Enns, an Elementary Education and Studio Art double major from Cincinnati Ohio. I work mainly as a jeweler for CEOP, but also love learning other crafts and medias. I am most passionate about the students we serve and providing them with educational and exciting art making opportunities. CEOP gives me valuable experiences with the students of our community and gives those students valuable experiences with art.

Melanie Andrews

Hello, my name is Melanie Andrews from Webster County,  West Virginia. I am a sophomore biology major. At the moment I work the most in broom-craft. What excites we most about working with CEOP is being able to learn about something I’ve never done before while also carrying on a timeless tradition.

Shaina Stewart

Hey, I’m Shaina. I’m from Chicago and continuing my second year at Berea. I am a painting major, and I work as a clay demonstrator. I enjoy meeting new people passing through, teaching the kiddos, and learning in my craft department.

Chris Maney

My name is Chris, and I am a first year from Scott County, TN. I intend to major in psychology. I work with baskets, and I am excited to pass along the traditions and history of the region.

Zoë Medeiros

I am Zoë Medeiros, a freshman and prospective English and Film major, with a love of art, writing, reading, and working with my hands. I am more than excited to have a position with the education outreach program so that I can not only learn about these crafts but also help to teach others.

Katherine Roach

I am a Freshman from East Tennessee. I am planning on majoring in Graphic Design with minors in Studio Art and Business. I am excited to work with Student Crafts Education and Outreach because I am able to get better at ceramics and teach people along the way!

Zachary Scott

My name is Zach Scott and my hometown is Crandall, Indiana. I am a freshman here at Berea and my intended major is Chemistry. Thus far, the craft area I have worked the most in is woodcraft, and I believe that this trend will continue. I am excited about working at CEOP mainly because I am going to get to meet the many faces that visit Berea College and share with them its story, and also because I love learning craft and am thrilled for the opportunity to expand my crafting skill set.

Yasmina Decamp

My name is Yasmina Decamp and I am from Florida. I am currently a freshman at Berea College. My labor position is in Craft Education and Outreach as a Craft Demonstrator, specifically in basket weaving. I really enjoy the process of weaving baskets and the art that I am able to create on a daily basis. I also appreciate the time and dedication that it takes to master this craft and the deep connection that basket weaving has to Appalachian culture. I am most excited to work in Craft and Education Outreach because I appreciate the warm and welcoming environment that working in crafts fosters as well as interacting with the patrons that visit the Visitor Center on a daily basis.

Tabitha Dodson

My name is Tabitha I’m from Tennessee but lived last year in Georgia. I am a potter at the visitor center and it is really amazing to work there because I get to learn this craft and also learn about the craft history of Berea while experiencing so many new and different experiences.

Zyshavia Garrett

Joana Medina Vega

My name is Joana Medina Vega, I am from Guntersville, Alabama. I am a first-year student at Berea. My craft is weaving. I am excited to work at CEOP because I enjoy helping others make art. It’s a good feeling to know you helped someone make a piece of art that maybe otherwise wouldn’t have gotten the chance to. I personally love making arts and crafts, so having this labor at position at Berea is really great.


Brianna Ward

I’m Brianna Ward from Athens, OH and I’m undecided in major as a freshman this year. I work mostly in brooms and occasionally in baskets and I’m most excited about the fact that I get to make things as my job here at Berea.

Shawn Villahermosa

My name is Shawn Villahermosa. I was born in the Philippines. I am currently a freshman at Berea College and I intend to major in computer science. I make brooms as well as weave baskets for my job in Craft Education & Outreach. I really enjoy being part of a welcoming environment that values creativity and social interaction!

Sean Zechar

I’m Sean Zechar, 19, freshmen. I’m Chinese, majoring in Art.

Jada Jones

My name is Jada Jones and I am from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I am a Senior History major with a Latin minor. My main craft is ceramics, but I also do broom making. I am excited to work in craft outreach because it allows me to continue learning new craft skills, and it allows me to teach the different crafts I love to do.

Joseph Caudill

My name is Joseph Andrew Caudill, I’m from Berea, KY, and I am a Freshmen who plans on majoring in Technology and Applied Design with a concentration in Tech Management. I currently work in the woods section of CEOP, where I weave baskets and other wood crafts. The thing that excited me most about working with CEOP is that I am able to continue a centuries old trade, while being a face to put on what Berea College is all about.