Outreach Event Reflection

Thank you for inviting Berea College Craft Education and Outreach to your school.  As mentioned during conversation leading up to the event, our grant requires us to obtain feedback from the schools and communities for whom we provide demonstrations and workshops. Our Programs are provided at no charge to organizations and schools. We only request evidence of learning and details about your experience during your visit. We are not asking you to add assignment as we have found that teachers create evidence for their own portfolios. We prefer evidence that you are already collecting.

We wish to learn about your students’ experiences and if the program assisted you in completing curricular goals. Please refer to the application you filled out to compare your initial goals with your experience at the Outreach event. Your input will assist us in improving our programs and in applying for additional grants to continue providing our workshops and demonstrations at no cost to schools. Please provide us with your and your student’s observations and experience on your Craft Program. Below are some suggested topics to discuss with your students and to address in your letter.

I hope you have found these suggestions helpful. If you have any questions please contact me:
859-985- 3963 or Steve_Davis-Rosenbaum@berea.edu

Steve Davis-Rosenbaum
Program Coordinator Berea College Craft Education and Outreach Program