Daily COVID-19 Update: June 26, 2020

Dear Bereans,

This is the update for Friday, June 26, 2020.

Kentucky and Madison County update

Kentucky is reporting 256 new cases today and 7 additional deaths.  The dramatic outbreaks in various other parts of the country are continuing and finally seem to be getting the attention of state and federal authorities.   Madison County is reporting 3 new cases today for an overall total of 115; 91 have recovered.

Significant emails today

Today students received their official invitation to return to campus for the fall semester.  The message includes the altered conditions for all members of the community and information so that students can make an informed choice as to returning to campus or continuing to study online.  The deadline for response is July 10.

Also, the AC received two messages of concern from members of the faculty and staff.  One message has 33 co-signors and the other 42.  Both express concern about the decision-making process for Fall re-opening, the sufficiency of communication on campus, and the rationale for the decision.  The AC will formulate responses to these communications.


Oh, Lord! You’ve been with me in six troubles. Don’t desert me in the seventh!

Harriet Tubman

Please stay well, Bereans, and have a good weekend,
Lyle Roelofs, President

*Prayer provided by College Chaplain Rev. Dr. LeSette Wright