Daily COVID-19 Update: June 17, 2020

Dear Bereans,

This is the update for Wednesday, June 17, 2020.

Kentucky update

Kentucky is reporting 166 new cases today and 6 new deaths.  The gradual downward trends are continuing but VERY slowly.   Madison County reports one new case today (for an overall total of 92) with no one hospitalized and 20 recovering at home.

Two readers pointed out an embarrassing error in yesterday’s update.  The prayer labeled as a “Quaker prayer” was actually penned by a leader of the Church of Latter Day Saints.  (It’s lame, but I can legitimately blame Google for this error.)  One of them thoughtfully provided the following Quaker thought as one that has deep meaning for her.

Quaker advice*

I believe there is something in the mind, or in the heart, that shows its approbation when we do right. I give myself this advice: Do not fear truth, let it be so contrary to inclination and feeling. Never give up the search after it: and let me take courage, and try from the bottom of my heart to do that which I believe truth dictates.

–Elizabeth Fry 1780-1845

Stay safe, Bereans,
Lyle Roelofs, President

*Shared by Shannon Roberts Smith