Daily COVID-19 Update: May 22, 2020

Dear Bereans,

This is the update for Friday, May 22, 2020.

Madison County update

There were two new cases reported for this week in Madison County, for a total now of 43.  None are hospitalized at present; six are recovering at home and 36 are recovered.  Some other items of note for our area:

  • The school superintendents are working on resumption for the Fall.  The scheduled start date for schools is August 12th and the superintendents indicate that they are very unlikely to start early.
  • The superintendents are also announcing a grant program that provides summer food money to all students in the county.  The amount is $313.50 per student, and you do have to apply for it through the schools.
  • The free testing at Kroger was a success this week, with nearly 1200 tests conducted; we will not have Kroger testing in the county next week.
  • Evidently there is plenty of food available at the Richmond Food Bank, if you know of anyone who needs assistance.
  • White House Clinic is announcing that they are hiring in order to offer expanded COVID-19 testing.  They do not have enough applications yet—check their web site if interested.

Kentucky update

Yesterday there were 10 reported deaths in Kentucky, again.

(Tentative) planning information

Various groups are continuing to work diligently on options and planning for the fall semester.  I wanted to share one calendar adjustment that is presently under consideration by the Enrollment Policies Committee and is likely to be recommended by them to the Executive Council for consideration and approval.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT DEFINITE YET, but is being shared early because of the great interest in plans for the fall.  Please note as well that we have not yet made a decision on whether we will have in-person classes in the fall for all or some students or if we will be on a distance learning basis.

The calendar revision concept under consideration is that we may start the semester one week early and eliminate all breaks during the semester.  Do this would enable us to finish courses by Thanksgiving.  The advantages of such an adjustment, one that quite a number of other schools have either announced or are considering, is that students would not then have a reason to leave campus and come back—which would require more testing or quarantining.  Furthermore, some pandemic experts are predicting another surge in illnesses in the late fall and winter, so shifting the semester earlier may prevent the need for another campus closure.  This option also gives a longer winter break which may be advantageous for some students.

I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day weekend.  I am planning on sending an update tomorrow and one on Monday, but likely not on Sunday.  There may also be relatively little beyond jokes and pics to share, but that’s fine.

Stay safe, no matter what you’re doing,

Lyle Roelofs, President