Daily COVID-19 Update: May 13, 2020

Dear Bereans,

This is the update for Wednesday, May 13, 2020.

Madison County update

Our county health department is reporting 1 new case today for a total of 36.  No one is hospitalized (very good news!), 7 recovering at home, 28 fully recovered, 1 deceased.

News regarding a Berea student

I regret to inform you that another Berea student has tested positive.  This is not the same case as I mentioned yesterday, but this student also left campus in mid-March and has not been back since then, so again there is no danger to the community.  This student’s case seems not to be too serious and family members have been tested and found not to be infected.  The student prefers not to be identified, but does have one bit of advice for everyone, “Take social distancing seriously!  I didn’t and now I have COVID-19.”  Your thoughts and prayers will be welcome.

Great news from the Department of Education

As of this morning, we have received the CARES Act funding for students!  Students will receive their amount awarded by direct deposit or check.  Please remember that these grant funds were awarded based on estimated costs incurred due to the disruption in March, not any current costs you may have incurred.  Since these are emergency funds due to a disaster, the amounts are not taxable to students (therefore no deductions will be taken) and do not have to be reported on FAFSA.  Also, just to be clear, these are grants from the federal government passed along by Berea College, not loans; repayment is not expected.

Individualized amounts have been placed on student accounts and should be available to you on or around this Saturday, May 16; checks may take a day or two longer.  For May graduates, you will be receiving 100% of the award; for August graduates, you are receiving 50% of the award; for continuing students, you are receiving 70% of the award.  Balances of awards will be distributed later this summer.

Please note that the Department of Education CARES Act funding is limited to US citizen students.  Berea College, however, is providing grants according to the same formula from College funds for all students who do not qualify for federal funds.

If you are a local student who is not currently living in the College’s residence halls or the Eco-Village, and you are not able to work on campus this summer and you are not taking any classes, please contact a counselor in the Financial Aid Services Office by email, or via the general office email (finaid@berea.edu) if you need additional assistance.  The counselors will be able to assist you with the application process.

Announcement from the Labor Program

Based on campus need, the Labor Program Office will be able to support an increase in the labor hour maximum. The original decision was based on anticipated need for Summer 2020. Due to more departments being able to return to operations, campus need has increased and the Labor Program Office will be able to support those needs with increased student hours. At this time, we will be returning to regular summer hour requirements based on the amount of academic credits the students are taking, and departmental allocation. For students enrolled in classes, there may be limits because of course load.  If students are enrolled in one class during the Summer term, they could work up to 40 hours, depending upon the hours available.

Keep in mind that while we will be able to provide more hours to students that are currently working, we will NOT be permitting students who are not currently employed to return to campus to work. The returning guidelines that were established previously are still in effect.

The hours guidelines are as follows

May Term (4 Weeks)

Course Credits Minimum Hours Required Maximum Hours
Less than 1 10 Hours Per Week 25 Hours Per Week
1-1.25 10 Hours Per Week 20 Hours Per Week
0 NO COURSES 10 Hours Per Week 40 Hours Per Week

Summer Term (7 Weeks)

Course Credits Minimum Hours Required Maximum Hours
1.25 or Less 10 Hours Per Week 32 Hours Per Week
1.5 – 2.25 10 Hours Per Week 20 Hours Per Week
0 NO COURSES 10 Hours Per Week 40 Hours Per Week


Let’s keep social distancing, but let’s keep laughing, too.  Remember your mask!

Lyle Roelofs, President