Daily COVID-19 Update: May 6, 2020

Dear Bereans,

This is the update for Wednesday, May 6, 2020.

Madison County update

Madison County is reporting no new cases today, for a cumulative total of 30; one remains hospitalized; 4 recovering still at home; 24 recovered.  Governor Beshear announced last evening that Kentucky had had quite a difficult day with over 600 new cases, 300 of them in one prison complex alone.

Update from City of Berea

The City Pool will not open this summer and the various summer youth sports programs have canceled, too.  The City does want to try to do a fireworks celebration on the 4th with social distancing and will be attempting to run Craft Festival on a virtual basis (!) this year.

Announcement from Academics

Congratulations to students on completing this extraordinary term. Grades are now posted and we wanted to announce that the Faculty passed a change in the Dean’s List requirements for this term:

The Dean’s List exists to recognize academic excellence. For Spring Term 2020, students who achieve a regular term GPA of 3.4 or higher for at least three total credits (to include all courses counting toward “load credit” including MAT 010, 011, or 012) will be named to the Dean’s List.

Some reminders from HR

For Staff members

Annual Performance Evaluations are open and available in Cornerstone. Evaluations are due by May 31st. Please remember that all steps of the evaluation process must be completed through to signatures to be considered done.  Contact your Human Resources partner if you have any questions.

For all employees

Benefits Open enrollment for Staff and Faculty

We’re at about 50% completion for Open Enrollment. The last day of Open Enrollment is Friday, May 8th.  Please reach out to Brandon Noble if you have any problems logging into the Bswift system or if you have questions about certain benefits. Our strong suggestion is not to wait until Friday evening to start as Brandon may not be able to help you at that late hour.

More thanks to students and staff

Yesterday we recognized the staff and students of Student Crafts, and today we thank the staff and students who worked throughout the just completed semester on the marketing end in the Log House and the Visitor Center.  This whole effort, which contributes a great deal of revenue to the College, is led by Susan Buckmaster:

Sarah Caudill and her team worked on the development of the Log House eCommerce website along with many other projects at the Visitor Center including research for tours and training, organization and categorization of our retail book selection, sales analysis:

  • Karina Agliullova
  • Geena Ahn
  • Brandon Atu
  • Matheus Bender
  • Erin Boyd
  • Sheriffer Chisanga
  • Ruramai Chivasa
  • Mateo Diazochoa
  • Sahet Dovranov
  • Tawanda Kumbula
  • Esteban Reina Soto
  • Courtney Slone
  • Rachel Starnes
  • Becca Sizemore (Berea Corps) handled training of all the new students and planning for the anniversary celebration of 100 years of broom-making at BC
  • Sarah Tebesigwa (student) is working on sewing masks for our retail staff so that we can re-open in a couple of weeks.
  • Alysia Mora (student) is helping to develop and write our new self-guided tour
  • Mona Arritt manages the Log House and she together with her students have developed a new e-commerce website for the Log House.
  • Selemawit Gebremedhim
  • Jessie Lawson
  • Shageldi Ovezov
  • Glendy Pineda
  • Elvia Rojas

Work in the Visitor Center and Log House will, of course, be continuing through the summer, with some changes in the above teams, as some students have graduated or gone on to other positions and are being replaced by new student labor additions.

We will get through this together!

Lyle Roelofs, President