Daily COVID-19 Update: May 5, 2020

Dear Bereans,

This is the update for Tuesday, May 5, 2020.

Kentucky update

In his 5 pm update yesterday Gov. Beshear reported 163 new cases for a total of 5245 to date and 8 deaths for a total of 261.  It is very sad that we are continuing to lose fellow Kentuckians to the illness, but he noted that these numbers are consistent with a continuing gradual improvement.

Appreciation for Student Crafts

Although our retail outlets are closed, Student Crafts continues to market the wonderful products they make on-line, so I’d like to let you know who deserves our appreciation for the good work continuing there under the leadership of:

  • Aaron Beale, Director Crafts Education Outreach
  • Chris Robbins, Broomcraft
  • Philip Wiggs, Ceramics
  • Steve Davis Rosenbaum , normally Outreach but lending a hand with ceramics production for which we are very grateful.
  • Deloris Reed, Distribution
  • Erin Miller, Weaving
  • Andy Glenn, Woodcraft
  • Natalie Brown, Woodcraft
  • Susan Buckmaster, Director of Retail Sales and Business Development

A number of students worked in Crafts for the entirety of the Spring Term

  • Mary Beth Melhuish, Broomcraft
  • Rachael Bates, Ceramics
  • Zoe Cowley, Ceramics
  • Yash, Ceramics

Some other students had agreed to work in the area, but in some areas we were not able to maintain proper social distancing. They also deserve our thanks for wanting to pitch in:

  • Em Croft, Weaving
  • Edgar Ortiz, Weaving
  • Wesley Hansen, Weaving
  • Concepta Njolima, Weaving
  • Sarah Tebesigwa, Weaving
  • Skye O’Sullivan, Weaving
  • Luke Wilson, Woodcraft
  • Sean Zechar, Woodcraft
  • Chris True, Woodcraft

It takes quite a lot of skill to work productively in these areas, which makes us especially grateful to students who were able to continue, but we have also been helped immensely by some Berea College alums:

  • Dakota Caudill, Broomcraft
  • Arlo Rosdatter, Ceramics
  • Lonnie Reed, former Broomcraft Supervisor

Fridays Live

The Fridays Live series will continue this coming Friday, May 8, with a performance by Cora Allison ’22.  Please see the attached flyer. Cora’s performance can be viewed live on the Berea College Instagram page: Instagram.com/bereacollege.

We will get through this together!

Lyle Roelofs, President