Daily COVID-19 Update: April 29, 2020

Dear Bereans,

This is the update for Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

Madison County update

The County is reporting one new case in the last 24 hours, leaving us at a total of 27 with: 1 hospitalized; 8 recovering at home; 17 recovered; and the 1 deceased.

Announcement concerning a Berea student

I also need to share a concerning first for us, our first confirmed case of COVID-19 in our student body.  Jonesy McGregor, a sophomore Elementary Education major has reported to us that she has received a positive diagnosis.  Jonesy is home with her family in Lawrenceburg, KY.  Last week she developed symptoms, sought care and was tested.  The test came back positive, but fortunately she is doing well enough that she has not needed to be hospitalized, and her symptoms are improving.  We are hopeful that her recovery will continue and that her family members will be safe, too.  I request your thoughts and prayers for Jonesy; she is receiving good support from her church, as well.

An appreciation

There are groups of Bereans who are taking on a great deal of work for the benefit of all of us, so, on behalf of the whole community, I’d like to express our thanks to them.  There is the AC, of course.  That team bears the visible accountability for all administrative decisions in good times and bad.  They are well known to the community and I will not single them out further here.  But, less well known is a group of faculty and administrators that are supporting the work of the AC by thinking through all of the new issues with great care and attention to detail.  That group, which we call the Logistics Group, because they are thinking about how everything needs to work, is co-chaired by Dr. Channell Barbour and Dr. Linda Strong-Leek, who are therefore doing double duty, taking part in all AC activities and also leading the Logistics Group.  The rest of the Logistics Group consists of the following Bereans, who you will agree, as you scan the list, combine in depth understanding of nearly all aspects of our operations:

  • Leslie Kaylor
  • Shane Wilkerson
  • Collis Robinson
  • Charles Brubeck – our new Director of Dining Services, for those who haven’t met him
  • Chris Lakes
  • Theresa Lowder
  • Scott Steele
  • Stella Welsh
  • Richard Cahill
  • Lavoyed Hudgins
  • Monica Kennison
  • Colleen Ambrose
  • Lisa Turner
  • Susan Buckmaster
  • Gus Gerassimides

Thanks SO much to this very hardworking and thoughtful group.  We would not be able to make any good decisions without you!

Although the Logistics Group has several individuals with academic responsibilities, it is not charged with addressing the equally challenging decisions around how the teaching mission can be best sustained during these challenges.  That has fallen largely to departments and to individual faculty supported by Leslie Ortquist-Ahrens and her team.  (We are profoundly grateful to Leslie for interrupting a well-deserved sabbatical to provide this key support.). Going forward, making plans for whatever instructional circumstances we will be dealing with in the Fall, the Division Council will be playing a role of coordinating that work under the leadership of Dean Matt Saderholm and with the support of Scott Steele and gathering faculty input and organizing it and passing it along to the Administration.  The Division Council consists of the following faculty members:

  • Tracy Hodge (Division I)
  • Nancy Gift (Division II)
  • Jackie Burnside (Division III)
  • Carol de Rosset (Division IV)
  • Lisa Kriner (Division V)
  • Althea Webb (Division VI)

Thanks so much to this group as well!

Hang in there and be safe, everyone.  Tomorrow is the last day of finals!

Lyle Roelofs, President