Daily COVID-19 Update: April 15, 2020

Dear Bereans,

This is the update for Wednesday, April 15, 2020, which would have been (shudder) tax day, which has been postponed to July 15 on account of the pandemic.

The latest concerning COVID-19 in Madison County

We have had no new cases in the County since Monday.  Still 21 confirmed with 10 recovered, 9 recovering at home, 1 hospitalized and one who passed away a week ago.

Announcement from Alumni Relations

There will be special virtual musical performances by Berea College students and alumni on Instagram for all of us on the next four Friday evenings.  Please see the attached flyer for the first Friday Live and join in for the others, too

Fridays Live with Keith, Kathy and Phillip Bullock

Friday, April 17 – Keith, Kathy Hon. ’18 and Phillip Bullock

Friday, April 24 – Derek Isaacs ‘06

Friday, May 1 – Al White ‘81, Alice White ‘80 and Ruth McLain ‘83

Friday,  May 8 – students Cora Allison ’22 and Jessie Lawson ‘20

Virtual book club

Noted author and Berean Silas House is offering a virtual book club discussion of his novel Southernmost this evening at 7:00 pm.  If you’d like to get in on that great opportunity, please email Julianna O’Brien (obrienj@berea.edu) for the Zoom link.

An announcement regarding Summer Session II

After waiting as long as we could and considering all the most recent projections of the progress of the pandemic in Kentucky, Berea will join the vast majority of colleges and universities in the state and pull back from in-person instruction for session II of summer courses. We had previously announced the continuation of distance learning for May term, and now that is being extended through Summer II.  Please note that this means we will not be able to welcome students back to campus for that session.

A correction

A number of HER friends and professors informed me that I had used the wrong gender yesterday in my announcement regarding new Kentucky Colonel Carter Heller.  Thanks for that correction and apologies to Carter.

A perspective: Supporting the Eighth Great Commitment

By David Cooke, Director of Grow Appalachia

Grow Appalachia is continuing to serve the central Appalachian region in many ways that reflect our mission: Grow Appalachia partners with organizations, communities, and families in Appalachia to create healthy, resilient, and economically viable food systems., as well as the Eighth Great Commitment of the College: To engage Appalachian communities, families, and students in partnership for mutual learning, growth, and service. Our work has not slacked off since the pandemic began but has shifted in style to accommodate the restrictions resulting from College and Commonwealth requirements. Our technical assistance staff has been developing library of production and marketing assistance learning tools, the Berea Kids Eat(a program of Grow Appalachia) has served over 30,000 meals to area school children, and the social enterprise department has continued to serve gardeners and small farm producers throughout the region. The design, manufacture and field construction of high tunnels, or hoophouses, is a major component of the social enterprise work. In the past month Grow Appalachia staff have constructed a high tunnel for production research uses at the University of Kentucky North Farm, have been assembling the materials for high tunnel builds at the Berea Urban Farm and Seedleaf in Lexington, have continued installation of irrigation systems at farms across several counties, and  completed a prototype for a portable poultry housing unit. All this has been done while continuing the sales of hard-to-find production tools and supplies for local growers such as organic fertilizers and soil amendments. This work helps keep the focus on the future and is a reminder that this current moment is not permanent.

Hutchins Library: an Appreciation

Throughout these challenging times our need for quality library services and resources has continued undiminished, and we have been so well served by the amazing Hutchins Library team, some coming in and others faithfully serving from home.

Amanda Peach, Assistant Director of Library Services*

Susan Henthorn, Electronic Resources Librarian*

Angel Rivera, Coordinator of Reference and Instruction

Ed Poston, Reference and Instruction Librarian

Patty Tarter, Acquisitions and Interlibrary Loans Specialist

Mary Beth Bonet, Copy Cataloging and Processing Specialist

Sharyn Mitchell, Special Collections Research Specialist*

Lori Myers-Steel, Collections Archivist*

Tim Binkley, Head of Special Collections and Archives*

Abby Houston, Digital Initiatives Librarian*

Anthony Basham, Projects Coordinator/Moodle Coordinator*

Harry Rice, Sound Archivist*

Calvin Gross, Director of Library Services

*working primarily from home

I regularly hear expressions of gratitude for their service and have reasons of my own to appreciate all these amazing Bereans.

Be well,

Lyle Roelofs, President