Daily COVID-19 Update: April 8, 2020

Dear Bereans,

This is the update for Wednesday, April 8, 2020.

The latest concerning COVID-19 in Madison County

There are a couple more confirmed cases in the county for a total to date of 17; no additional deaths.

An announcement from Sodexo

Beginning next Monday, April 13th, instead of the boxed lunches, remaining employees on campus will be able to get a free, take-out box of hot food from the serving stations at the Cafeteria.  Sodexo employees will serve the food, it will not be self-serve as during normal pre-COVID times.  For on-campus employees, please do continue to register each day when you receive the email from Malissa Blair in order to provide a count to support planning sustainably to avoid unnecessary food waste.

A COVID-19 Perspective: LET IT BE A DANCE

By A.J. Bodnar

I play music for the dance classes in Health and Human Performance. It’s heaven. In the course of any given week, I may play modern jazz, improvisations, ballet, Argentine tangos, contradances, swings, waltzes, square dances, Morris dances, English dances, Danish dances, Appalachian folk dances, Scottish dances, dances from antiquity, and this last semester, even the Charleston. But now keyboard’s been unplugged – lights are off – dancing has stopped. And I’m sad.

And yet, I’m not as sad as I could be.

One part of me is looking forward; forward to the next time eyes and hands will lock, and groups of smiling students will once again celebrate life by dancing as Bereans have done for what seems like forever; forward to the next time our dance students eagerly watch their devoted teachers, at first imitating them, then finally flying under the power of their own wings; forward to the next class, or street dance, or Convo, or Berea Dances; forward to once again watching students’ journeys from the hangdog I’ve never danced before, to the exuberant Hey, check out THIS move!

Another part of me is looking back to when we had all just come back from spring break (five-hundred years ago), and how quickly the fear caused by COVID-19 gripped the classes. It was a bit of a shock watching the panic set into the faces of the student, even before anyone knew much about the virus or what was to come.

It’ll be agonizingly long before we dance again, and interesting in the interim to see how our particular classes will lend themselves to online work (the touch, the sound, the look, the hold, the smile, the contact all being so integral to dance). Between now and whenever I’m privileged to hit the first notes again, however, there’s no doubt our professors will have it all worked out. Soon, not soon enough, but soon – we will experience that sweet anticipation as across the campus we hear dance instructors count off, Five, six, seven, eight!

The campus is waiting for everyone to return,

Lyle Roelofs, President