Daily COVID-19 Update: April 7, 2020

Dear Bereans,

This is the update for Tuesday, April 7, 2020.

An announcement from HR

A reminder to all staff and students, this Friday is Good Friday, which is a holiday on the College calendar.  There will not be any classes or work scheduled with the exception of a few essential personnel.  Please take that time to disconnect from work or class and safely connect with hobbies or friends.

Also as a reminder of the times, we will need to postpone the retirement celebration that we normally have the last week of spring term.  We are working on creative ways to recognize the accomplishments of our most recent retirees so look for more information in the coming weeks.

Good news from the Office of Convocations

All five canceled spring convocations have been rescheduled for next academic year. Fall 2020: Desmond Meade (Service Convo, 9/17); Dr. Jim Hansen (Science Convo, 10/1); Women of Appalachia (Appalachian Lecture, 10/29); Fubuki Daiko (Stephenson Concert, 11/12). Spring 2021: Carrie Newcomer (Stephenson Concert, 4/1). Please keep our performers in your thoughts as they are struggling with lost income due to canceled events during the corona pandemic. Please contact Thomas Ahrens for questions.

A Strategic Initiatives Perspective: Being a Good Neighbor During COVID-19

By Donna Daniels, Director, Brushy Fork Leadership Institute

For people in Appalachia dealing with crises is often a matter of human connection. When a family loses a loved one, neighbors gather with food and flowers. When floods come, communities feed and clothe families and rebuild homes and businesses. When children need a safe place while a parent recovers from addiction, family members open hearts and doors. During winter, an ill person may find a neighbor at the door to split and stack firewood. Close human contact is at the heart of how we help one another.

Brushy Fork Leadership Institute’s work in Appalachia operates in the same vein of human connection, meeting people where they are and building deep relationships. The human connection landscape has changed significantly, so how can we meet the need for connection in community response?

Brushy Fork is partnering with the What’s Next East Kentucky Network to create Community Connections virtual gatherings. Small business owners, nonprofits, volunteers, local governments, and others will discuss how communities are responding to COVID-19, significant challenges, resources they are engaging, and resources they are finding difficult to access. Community Connections will serve as a place for people working in Appalachia’s most economically distressed communities to breathe, find connections, and share the human aspects of this demanding work.

The Boone Tavern Hotel is beautiful in the spring, too.  Travel is much reduced lately, of course, but the BTH remains open to accommodate those who need a place to stay and desire the comfort and beauty of its service.  One still sees license plates from a number of states most evenings in its parking area.  The dining rooms are closed, by order of the Governor, but the kitchen remains open so that guests can enjoy room service and the rest of us in town can still order take-out.

A recent hit has been the family-style meals for four that have been on offer, a different choice every evening.  Tonight’s choice is sold out, but a copy of the menu for the rest of the week is shown following.  You can find the current menu by going to the BTH’s Facebook page, “Historic Boone Tavern Hotel & Restaurant of Berea College.”  Note that to order take-out or a family-style meal you call them, and you pick up orders by driving through the back portico.

In recent updates, I have expressed our thanks to many persons who continue to work hard under more challenging circumstances than typical so that we will all be able to get through this crisis as safely as possible and with as much of our wellbeing intact as possible, too.  The loyal staff who have continued to keep things going at the Boone Tavern very much deserve appreciation from all of us.

Be safe!  We can’t wait to get everyone back to Berea,

Lyle Roelofs, President