Daily COVID-19 Update: April 3, 2020

Dear Bereans,

This is the update for Friday, April 3, 2020.

The latest concerning COVID-19 in Madison County

We now have 12 confirmed cases in the County, and, sadly, we have also had our first death.  No further information has been made available by the family.  Of the 12, two are hospitalized and others are recovering or have recovered.  We are aware of no cases with a direct connection to the College.

An announcement from the social media team (from Bee Lakes)

Berea colleagues, it is no secret we are all currently facing unprecedented challenges. During this difficult time, I believe it is increasingly important to spread positivity. As a part of this effort, we have launched an informal social media campaign, #BereaProud. If you would like to participate, we ask that you share an image on your social media expressing why you feel #BereaProud. This can be a photo of you in your favorite Berea gear, your favorite spot on campus, your response to how the community has banded together during this time or a fond memory. For everyone’s safety, please do not travel to campus to take a photo! Please see an example post. Be sure to use #BereaProud and tag the Berea College accounts so that we may repost a selection of these. I have also created a profile photo frame that is now available on Facebook for anyone who would like to utilize it.  (I would also like to thank Dani Graves ’19 and Molly Smith ’15 for their collaboration on this project!)

An announcement from Writing Resources

With GSTR paper deadlines beginning to loom, we wanted to let students know that Writing Resources is still offering remote peer support for student writing. Students who would like feedback can still log in to WCONLINE to make appointments and can now choose from two options that accommodate a range of internet access levels: etutoring (uploading a paper and receiving written feedback) and online consultations (live sessions with video, chat, and a shared workspace). Students can access written directions and/or a short video explaining these new offerings. We look forward to supporting you!   Amy 

An announcement regarding hackers, etc

If you have received any emails from Lyle Roelofs or anyone else in the Berea College administration, please verify that the email is actually coming from the said sender. During this COVID-19 pandemic, many hackers are using the fact that people are working from home as a way to increase their phishing efforts.

If you have received any emails containing requests that you check your account password or any of a host of other attempts to get your information, please do not follow these links. Instead, delete these emails from your inbox. These are phishing attempts and are not legitimate messages. Help Desk will NEVER ask for your password.

Please contact the help desk if you have additional questions.

More Berea alums helping out (from Heather Schill)

I wanted to share another story of a Berea alum doing great things during this difficult time. John Franklin, who graduated in 1997, has been using the 3-D printers at Pulaski County High School, in Somerset, KY, to make plastic equipment for the Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital. The hospital had a nice write-up on their Facebook page this morning about the donations. John was an Ag major at Berea and is now a science teacher at Pulaski County High School. I imagine we have MANY alumni around the world working to serve others during this unprecedented time, so I thought you might enjoy hearing about one more.

An announcement regarding the Run/Walk Club (Shucks!)

Sadly, just on the evening of the day that I announced the resumption of the R/W Club, our Governor provided specific guidance discouraging exercising in groups even if the six foot rule is respected.  Therefore, we will not be able to resume the group R/W activity.  I certainly do hope you will still find times to run or walk, individually, though.

What Are We Without Community: A Perspective

By Silas House, NEH Chair in Appalachian Studies, Associate Professor of Appalachian Studies

I am sharing today, with the author’s permission, a lovely and thoughtful piece that is appearing in The Atlantic.  (The pay wall is down, so anyone can access this via the Internet.

Thanks for all the support:

Laurie and I and the whole Administrative Committee want you to know how much we appreciate all the messages of support.  For example, an unsigned (!) thank you note arrived today.  The sender, a Berea employee who is working from home wanted to thank us for the decisions around how the work is getting done and acknowledged as well as those employees who are continuing to work in essential positions on campus.  In his or her words, “When we are able to come back together on campus as normal, perhaps we can have a celebration to honor those who were in those essential roles.”  What an excellent idea!

The number of announcements I am needing to make on a daily basis is diminishing as we are all adjusting and accommodating.  Therefore, unless something urgent comes up, I am not intending to send out updates over the weekend.

It is tulip season on campus, and despite the usual number of persons to appreciate them, the tulips are certainly doing their part to declare that spring is back!  I thought I’d should share a couple of pics so that more of you can appreciate them.

Stay safe all weekend long!

Lyle Roelofs, President