Daily COVID-19 Update: March 13, 2020

Dear Bereans,

Here are some updates concerning our ongoing COVID-19 response.

I have attached coping advice from the World Health Organization for dealing with the anxiety and stress of the COVID-19 epidemic.  Thanks to Jill Gurtatowski for passing this along.

Announcement from the CDL: In order to adjust for the loss of a large fraction of their student labor, the CDL will need to advance it’s closing time to 5:00 pm.  Staff with children in the CDL are permitted to leave work at 4:45 pm.  Please inform your supervisor if you need to take advantage of this accommodation.

The FAQ is now available here.

We have received some favorable attention in the national media for our approach to the COVID-19 challenge.  You can check on the piece in the online journal “Diverse Issues in Higher Education.”

Several interviews with other news organizations have been scheduled for today.

Announcements from Student Life

  • Check out time for students moving out of the residence halls is tomorrow Saturday, March 14th, at 12pm. Students will receive a notice from campus this afternoon with further instructions and room assignments.
  • No student requests to stay on campus have been rejected; for the 13 percent of the students who were offered spaces you will be assigned a room either in Deep Green or Danforth.
  • The College has offered financial assistance for travel expenses. Over 100 students have already been notified with requests.
  • Students who completed forms with Student Life regarding their support needs, Student Life has contacted you regarding your requests.  If you did submit a request via your survey form and have not heard back, please contact Student Life.  (Note, this is not for new requests.)
  • For students having college health insurance, please know that coverage continues worldwide. However, if you have Medicaid the health provider will take that first.
  • We have had many faculty and staff approach us to ask how you can assist us as we move our students out for the semester.  The best way to assist us (and more importantly, our students) is:
    • Help student move their items from their residence halls to cars as they begin moving out today and Saturday
    • Consider moving your car from the parking lots which are closest to the residence halls and/or areas where traffic is high and parking will be critical as our students move out.

If you wish to assist in moving items, please note the following:

    • Be prepared to lift at least 15-20 pounds
    • Be prepared to support our students and their families as they transition out of the residence halls
    • We will need assistance in all of our halls so there is plenty of space for assistance if you so choose

If you are interested in assisting in this way, please call our office at (859)-985-3290 during business hours (8am-5pm) on Friday and let us know. You may also choose to email us at stls@berea.eduWe will need assistance on both today, Friday 3/13 as well as Saturday 3/14. We will take your interest and availability when shared with us and determine where we can best use your assistance. We would ask that you not show up to residence halls without contacting us first. We will serve as a bridge for this contact with the Area Coordinator when you contact us in the office or via email.

Please know that you have all been amazing in your good and generous work and flexibility to make these transitions work.  You are true Bereans and have my deepest admiration,

Lyle Roelofs, President