Convocations Calendar 2016-2017

Fall 2016

September 1 | 3:00pm
Dr. Lyle Roelofs
Our Berea: Speaking the Great Commitments Anew

September 8 | 3:00pm
Dr. Andrew Mills
The Value of Freedom: Understanding Education in the Liberal Arts

September 15 | 8:00pm
Mariachi Tesoro De Rebecca Gonzales
Beautiful Latin Favorites/Hermosas Canciones Latinas

September 22 | 3:00pm
Jim Wallis
The Bridge to a New America

September 29 | 3:00pm
Amb. Melanne Verveer
Fast Forward: How Women Can Achieve Power and Success.

October 6 | 3:00pm
Dr. Julie Robinson
From Astronaut Bones to High Z particles: Significant Discoveries from the International Space Station

October 13 | 8:00pm
Bertha Hope & Friends
A Musical Tribute to Jean Richie

October 20 | 3:00pm
Prof. Steve Bright
Race, Poverty and Criminal Justice

October 27 | 3:00pm
Dr. John Hibbing
Can Liberals and Conservatives Coexist?

November 3 | 3:00pm
Julissa Arce
The American DREAMer: From Undocumented to Wall Street to Immigration Advocate.

November 10 | 3:00pm
Dr. Willie Parker, M.D.
Reproductive Justice in Christian Understanding: New Wine in Old Wine Skins

November 17 |8:00pm
Andreas Klein
Unleashing Musical Architecture

Spring 2017

January 16 | 3:00pm
Dr. Karsonya Wise Whitehead
From Black Power to Black Lives Matter

January 26 | 3:00pm
Jianying Zha
Transformation in Modern China

February 2 | 3:00pm
Calvin Alexander Ramsey
The Chorus of Life

February  9 | 3:00pm
Dr. Margaret Lowman
Life in the Treetops: Adventures of a Woman in Rain Forest Exploration.

February  16 | 3:00pm
Jordan Ryan, J.D.
For Justice, and Peace

February  23 | 8:00pm
Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Ségal
Night Music: Blending West African and Baroque Traditions

March 2 | 3:00pm
Harry Allen
Shooting the Enemy: My Life in Pictures with the People Who Became P.E. (Public Enemy)

March 16 | 8:00pm
Carlos Núñez
Celtic Music with Latin Passion

March 23 | 3:00pm

Rashad Abdur-Rahman, Christian Motley, and Cara Stewart

Careers in Defending Human Rights in Kentucky: Perspectives of Three Berea College Graduates

2017 Berea College Service Awards

March 30 | 3:00pm
Marianne Williamson
Healing the Soul of America: Reclaiming Our Voices as Spiritual Citizens

April 6 | 3:00pm
Wayna Adams
Coming Home: The Archaeology of Eastern Kentucky

April 20 | 8:00pm
Dengue Fever
Breaking down Musical Barriers: Cambodian Rock and Beyond