Work, Internships, and Volunteering Abroad

Wondering how to launch an international career? Thinking about volunteering in a cross-cultural setting? Why not intern or volunteer abroad during your time at Berea? There are even teaching and other work opportunities designed specifically for recent graduates. We have listed several possibilities below, along with this search engine for finding jobs teaching English as a Second Language :

Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

Career-related internships abroad are usually arranged by universities or special placement agencies, as well as by businesses, governments, and non-profit international agencies. Some internships are paid, although most are unpaid (but you can earn academic credit for the experience).

There are hundreds of organizations that provide opportunities for individuals to volunteer abroad. You can do everything from building houses to teaching English to distributing food to archaeological digging. However, do not be surprised if some of these volunteer assignments come with a price tag. Some organizations try to control operating expenses by asking volunteers to pay for their own expenses.

Postgraduate Working/Teaching

After graduation, you can work abroad for several months or up to a year in many countries. Jobs can be menial or service-oriented: pub work in Ireland, picking grapes in Greece, or working on a cruise ship. Career-training jobs are more difficult to come by and involve a much greater effort on your part.

Teaching abroad is one of the most accessible and popular options for paid or inexpensive long-term stays overseas. However, this means that the higher-paying jobs, arranged in advance, are more competitive. Typical destinations include China, Japan, South Korea, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. Proficiency in the local language is rarely a requirement, although it may be helpful.


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