Travel Arrangements

 Travel CUTS

Travel CUTS specializes in student travel

Wondering how to pay for your plane ticket?

Since financial aid—including any scholarships or grants from the CIE—will not be disbursed until just prior to the start of your program, we have made special arrangements with Travel CUTS. This arrangement will permit you to book your ticket when you are ready and charge it to the CIE (we will then charge your student account), provided that you meet the following conditions:

  1. you have been approved to participate in an education abroad program, and
  2. you have applied for financial aid.

To book your ticket through our credit arrangement, you must call Travel CUTS at (800) 592-2887 and identify yourself as a student from Berea College.

Other options

You are not restricted to using Travel CUTS, so if you find a better fare or itinerary elsewhere, please make an appointment with the Education Abroad Advisor and bring the following information:

  • Where you found the ticket you would like to purchase (e.g.,
  • Complete itinerary (including dates of travel, airlines, flight numbers, departure and arrival airports, departure and arrival times)
  • Your name as it appears on your passport
  • Your date of birth


Contact the Education Abroad Team at or (859) 985-3453, or drop by Woods-Penniman 205.