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Alex Gibson in Vietnam

Watson Fellow Alex Gibson ’08, pictured here in Vietnam, explored biracial identity in Venezuela, Vietnam, India, and South Africa.

What Would You Do with $28,000?


Watson Fellow Fred Rweru ’07, pictured here at Lords Cricket Ground in London, explored the “mutation” of cricket in former British colonies.

Finally, a Watson project is something that you have wanted to do and dreamed about doing for a considerable period of time. If it’s cold and rainy, and you have lost your passport, and your camera has been stolen, and you’re sick, and your best friend is getting married back home, but you still want to stay abroad and pursue your project, that’s a Watson.In planning your project, take advantage of the unique nature of the Watson Fellowship: it is experiential, not academic. So if your passion is also an academic interest, consider how you might pursue it as a PhD dissertation and what a graduate school would not fund. Then figure out how you could propose it as a Watson instead. Because the year’s experience may not involve extended formal study at a foreign university, your project should be one that can be pursued with great independence and adaptability. Moreover, you must stay in charge of your own agenda, so while using a non-governmental organization as a contact is fine, working for that NGO is not. The project should be challenging, yet feasible; personally significant; and sustainable over 12 months.

For more information, go to the Thomas J. Watson Foundation’s web page. 

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