Center for International Education

Sustainability in Education Abroad

The Center for International Education is committed to promoting environmental and social responsibility through education abroad. While the air travel required to get to program sites has a clear environmental impact on the planet, education abroad offers inherent benefits such as intercultural understanding, as well as the opportunity to learn about sustainability firsthand from a variety of cultures and experiences. To that end, Berea Term Abroad orientations, beginning with Fall Term 2007, have included discussions of the environmental impact of education abroad and tips for more earth-friendly travel. Such discussions are now also part of Berea International Summer Term (BIST) and Summer Abroad orientations.

In addition, we encourage all education abroad participants to take the Green Passport Pledge to be environmentally and socially responsible both while abroad and after returning home.


For information about our education abroad sustainability initiatives, contact Kathryn Massana, Education Abroad Peer Advisor, at