Center for International Education

Special Events

 Attend International Convocations to broaden your understanding of the world. 


The convocation schedule is overflowing with internationally-themed convocations; every night convocation is an international music event! We have great topics this year from Latin America to United Kingdom to West Africa to Modern China. A Cambodian pop and psychedelic rock band  known as Dengue Fever will conclude this year’s convocations, and our focus region of Southeast Asia, with a strong punch!



SEPT. 15         8:00 PM
MARIACHI TESORO DE REBECCA GONZALES  Beautiful Latin Favorites/Hermosas Canciones Latinas.

OCT. 13          8:00 PM
MARY MC PARTLAN AND BERTHA HOPE  From Mountain to Mountain.

NOV. 3           3:00 PM
JULISSA ARCE  The American DREAMer: From Undocumented to Wall Street to Immigration Advocate.

NOV. 17         8:00 PM
ANDREAS KLEIN  Unleashing Musical Architecture.



JAN. 26           3:00 PM
JIANYING ZHA  Transformation in Modern China.

FEB. 9             3:00 PM
DR. MARGARET LOWMAN  Life in the Treetops: Adventures of a Woman in Rain Forest Exploration.

FEB. 23           8:00 PM
BALLAKE SISSOKO & VINCENT SEGAL  Night Music: Blending West African and Baroque Traditions.

MAR. 16         8:00 PM
CARLOS NUNEZ  Celtic Music with Latin Passion.

APR. 20          8:00 PM
DENGUE FEVER. Breaking down Musical Barriers: Cambodian Rock and Beyond.

For more information about the convocations to see the entire convocation schedule.