The Sloane Shelton Independent Arts and Humanities Grant

Summer 2020 Sloane Shelton Arts and Humanities Grants

Sloane Shelton Arts and Humanities Grants provide generous funding to support Berea students pursuing transformative and immersive off-campus experiences in the arts and humanities, both domestically and internationally.  Grants may be used to pursue special learning opportunities such as special courses, seminars, workshops, residency programs, and internships approved by the Office of Internships.  Grants will generally range between $5000 and $15,000 and be awarded for opportunities with a duration of four weeks to four months. These opportunities must occur during the summer of 2020 (may begin the day after exams end in the spring, and must end prior to the beginning of the fall semester).

Are you eligible to apply?

Students must be in good standing.  If a student selected for a grant is placed on probation of any kind prior to leaving campus, the student will forfeit the grant.

Seniors graduating in May or August 2020 are not eligible; a student must return to campus for a full fall term after receiving a Sloane Shelton.

U.S. citizens may propose experiences within the USA or abroad. Those proposing an experience abroad should consult with the Education Abroad Advisor, Ann Butwell, prior to applying, to learn what specific procedures they need to follow if their proposal is approved.

F-1 international students may propose experiences within the USA.  Additionally, they are eligible to propose experiences abroad during the summer if they have both an F-1 visa with an expiration date at least two months after their scheduled return to the USA and a passport with an expiration date at least six months after their scheduled return to the USA. F-1 students should consult with the International Student and Scholar Advisor, Kye Anderson, before applying.

DACA students may propose experiences within the USA and should consult with the College’s DACA Point-Person, Gwendolyn Ferreti, prior to submitting a proposal.

Non-U.S. citizens, who neither hold an F-1 visa nor a DACA card, should consult with the Director of International Education, Richard Cahill, about their options before applying.

Selection is based on an application process that asks students to demonstrate imagination, creativity, maturity, and thoughtful reflection about how this grant will contribute to their learning, both now and in the future.

Interested students should:

  • Please attend the Sloane Shelton information session which will be held on November 5, at 8:00 pm in Hutchins Library, Room 103.
  • Complete the Sloane-Shelton-Summer-2020-Application and submit a Proposal Essay of 300-600 words as MS Word Document, via email to the The Proposal Essay should briefly describe the experience and explain why it would be transformative for the applicant.  All students who receive a Sloane Shelton Grant will be required to write a letter to the donor, indicating the positive impact of the opportunity. Students will also be asked to write an evaluative letter about the experience as we seek to develop positive relationships with organizations that may be able to provide excellent opportunities for future Sloane Shelton recipients. Students may also be asked to make a presentation on their experience in the fall of each year after their Sloane Shelton funded experience. More details will be provided once students receive this grant. Applications are due no later than December 1, 2019.
  • Meet with their academic advisor or a faculty member to discuss their proposed project prior to November 1, 2019.  The faculty member should then complete the Sloane-Shelton-Endorsement-Form, and email it to by December 1, 2019.

After thoroughly reading this page and the application form carefully, if you still have remaining questions and would like to discuss the application process or the kinds of opportunities that might be funded by the grant, please contact either Richard Cahill, Director of the Center for International Education, for questions about an international experience ( or Esther Livingston, Director of Internships, for a domestic experience (