Selecting a Program

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  • What part of the world do you want to explore ?
  • Do you want to be in a metropolis such as Sao Paolo or Tokyo, or would you prefer a smaller place?
  • What type of institution would you like to attend—for example, would you prefer a small college like Berea, a large university, or something in between?
  • Will you take classes to fulfill major, general studies or elective requirements, or a combination? (It is advisable to meet with your academic adviser for guidance on this point.)
  • Do you want the independence of enrolling directly at a university abroad, or would you prefer to have the additional support that a program provider might offer?

If you are not sure about your answers to these questions, or if you want to speak with someone who has been through the process already, meet with a Peer Advisor. And, of course, before making your final decision about a program, be sure to meet with the Education Abroad Advisor.

Search for Programs

We will offer assistance and advice, but in the end, you are the one who picks the study abroad program and country that best match your interests. Search for semester and summer study abroad programs using one of these resources:

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