Proposing to Teach a BIST

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Proposing a Berea International Summer Term (BIST) course

The timeline for proposing summer international courses follows. The timeline should help facilitate such work as:

  • getting passports and visas,
  • scheduling appropriate inoculations and
  • processing student loan and grant applications.


Fall Term: Before creating a proposal, faculty interested in proposing an international summer course should discuss the possibility with his/her Program Chair and his/her Division Chair.

January 15: Faculty who want to propose an international summer course submit to the Office of Academic Affairs:

  1. A completed Summer International Course Proposal Form (see attached)
  2. A tentative budget (airfare, food, lodging, fees, books, other), and
  3. A draft itinerary.

January 29:  Deadline for Division Chairs to submit their Division’s international summer course proposals to the Office of Academic Affairs.

March 1: Office of Academic Affairs, in consultation with the Center for International Education, reviews proposals. Faculty are notified of provisional approval.

March 18: Approved courses submit full budget to the Center for International Education, for review and final approval by the Office of Academic Affairs.

April 15: Have General Education requirements and academic program / cross-listings designations completed.

October 1: Final budget confirmed by BIST instructors and approved by the CIE and the Office of Academic Affairs. Please note that this is a tight schedule and so it will be difficult to consider late proposals.

For More Information

Please contact:

Dr. Richard Cahill, Director of International Education; Associate Professor of History.

Phone: 859-985-3453