By learning about “all peoples of the earth,” the CIE believes that the Berea learning experience can be deepened and strengthened.

Not only do we try to make sure our students here at Berea College explore the world, but we also try to bring the world to our students through our campus programming: TGIF Luncheons, Mundo Monthly, occasional Convocations, and special events.

Each year, the CIE selects an area of the globe as a special focus for the entire Berea College campus. The Director of International Education programs special campus-wide events related to the area of focus, including arranging for interdisciplinary special lectures and forums, planning cultural events (such as dance and music performances), hosting Fulbright scholars, and holding religious ceremonies. During recent years, the international focus has been on Oceania, Africa, East Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

This year, our focus region is Latin America!


For more information about the international focus, please contact:

Richard Cahill, Ph.D., Director of International Education, Associate Professor of History, at or 859-985-3451.