Mundo Monthly

Our Mundo Monthly series brings outstanding experts, artists, activists, and others to Berea once a month.  Each academic year has an international focus on a certain region of the world. This year’s international focus is Europe. 


What is Europe?

Monday, Sept. 25, 6:00-8:00 PM 

Science Building, Room 106


Please join us for our first Mundo Monthly of the fall semester, “What is Europe?”. This event will include an evening lecture and a discussion of the topic. 

When we think of “European Civilization,” contradictory images emerge — on the one hand we think of democracy, mass political participation, economic prosperity, high art and culture– and on the other hand we think of violent, bloody conflict in which the vaunted European economic and technological advances were employed to murder other Europeans and colonial peoples in unprecedented numbers. How does this bifurcated legacy impact Europe today? What are the achievements of the post-1945 European order and the challenges it faces today?


Our special guest presenters are:

 Karen Petrone

Professor of History

Chair? Department of History?

University of Kentucky

as well as

 Phil Harling

Distinguished Service Professor of History

Director of the Gaines Center for the Humanities 

University of Kentucky


Dinner will be served.      

Please join us!