KIIS Summer Programs


The Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS) offers summer programs all over the world. Some KIIS programs focus on language study, while others offer courses in English—from art and music to biology and psychology.

In addition, several Berea faculty members teach in KIIS each summer, so you might even end up studying and traveling with your favorite professor! Please know that all credit is transferred in from WKU regardless of who is teaching – so you will be completing a “Transfer of Credit” form as one of your “Enrollment Forms” in Abroad Office.

Many KIIS summer courses can count towards one of your Six Berea Perspectives. See what KIIS courses are pre-approved to count toward a Perspective.  Please note that many KIIS courses can be used for one of two Perspectives.

Note that because these courses transfer in from WKU, only one perspective can be fulfilled with each KIIS course. Please take two KIIS courses for all programs that permit it, and note that secondary/alternative perspectives listed will only come into play if the first one has not been met.

Applying to KIIS

  • Before you apply, meet with:
  • Apply for campus approval (and, if applicable, CIE-administered scholarships and grants) online via Abroad Office no later than December 1. This is done through Abroad Office at
  • Apply for admission to KIIS online via  no later than December 1. A non-refundable $250 application fee is due at the time you apply to KIIS (Education Abroad Office is able to front the money for this fee, please email for details).
  • The deadline for KIIS Scholarship applications is also December 1.

Flight Arrangements

KIIS offers two flight options:

  • If available, make sure to select the group flight arranged by KIIS (“Option 2”). Group flights depart from either Cincinnati or Louisville, depending on the program.

Course Enrollment

It is important to register for 2 KIIS courses in order to qualify for federal loans. Students on KIIS programs are not eligible for Berea College loans. If you will need to utilize a federal loan, you must be enrolled in 2 KIIS courses (not 1). This is because federal loans require students to be registered at least half-time, and that means 2 courses in the summer.

Did you know…

  • That KIIS courses come back as transfer credit and often count as perspectives?
  • That KIIS offers many scholarships ranging from $100 to $4,000 each year? Apply!
  • That KIIS also offers amazingly affordable semester programs in Europe?


For general inquiries about KIIS or questions about Berea procedures, contact the Education Abroad Team at or 859-985-3924, or drop by 205 Woods-Penniman.

For program-specific or application questions, contact the KIIS office at Western Kentucky University at or 270-745-4416.