International Students and Education Abroad

International students on an F-1 visa, already having an intercultural experience through study at Berea, can apply for institutional funding for one faculty-led Berea International Summer Term (BIST) course.

Caux Scholars is a prestigious conflict transformation program that takes place in Switzerland each summer. Berea can nominate one of our students each year.

International students generally will not receive funding to spend a full semester outside the United States. However, those majoring in a foreign language may be eligible for a scholarship from the Department of Foreign Languages. International students who have been awarded a Ballard-McConnell-Willis (BMW) Scholarship may use those funds to participate in the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics  or another mathematics-focused program abroad.

At the time of application, F-1 international students must have a valid passport, a visa valid for re-entry to the United States through at least three months after the course is set to return to the United States.

All international students who are planning an academic experience outside of the United States, including an internship in their home country, should consult with both the Education Abroad Advisor and the International Student Advisor.

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