International Student and Scholar Services

International students will receive the following support from the International Student Advisor:

    • Advising, counseling and referral as needed.
    • Orientation services.
    • Advocacy of international student concerns on behalf of the students with the college administration.
    • Immigration services communicating with various Federal agencies. Examples: State Department, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)IRS.
    • Advising and authorizing internship opportunities. Examples: curricular practical training, post-completion optional practical training and graduate school options.
    • Advising the Cosmopolitan Club.
    • Providing programming and support necessary during the summer and academic breaks.
    • Liaison with the Community Friendship Program participants and the organizing committee.
    • Assist with multi-cultural programs on campus and in the community.
    • Serve as liaison/mediator between various departments and international students.

Countries Represented at Berea College

In a typical year, Berea College has about 120 international students. These students come from approximately 70 countries around the world. The following map illustrates the variety of countries represented at Berea. It is not intended to show where our current students are from: