Guidelines for International Internships

International internships require a great deal of advanced planning. In addition to identifying, applying, and being accepted by the international organization, there is a two-step process at Berea College that includes approval first from the Office of Internships, and then from the Center for International Education.

    • Start the process of identifying and applying for internship programs in the fall semester, so you will know if you have been accepted in time to complete Berea’s requirements for academic credit and funding in early February.
    • A finalized Internship Proposal and Internship Funding Request Form, with all approval signatures, should be submitted to the Berea College Office of Internships before February 8. (This proposal and will become part of the application required by Berea’s Center for International Education [CIE]).
    • Application for approval and funding of a summer international experience should be submitted by February 15 to the Center for International Education.

What else should students know up front?

    • Funding is available for credit-bearing internships only.
    • Students in good standing (not on probation of any type), with a GPA of 2.0 or higher, are eligible to participate in an international internship.
    • Students may receive partial funding from Berea for one international experience; that experience could be an internship, or a semester of study abroad, or 4-week BIST, etc.
    • International students are not eligible to participate in international internships (see Education-Abroad policies), however, they may participate in internships in the United States as part of their intercultural experience and study at Berea.
    • International internships have the same requirements as domestic internships in terms of their duration, assignments, credit received, etc.
    • Structured internship programs are recommended (link to examples) because they usually offer greater academic integrity and safety; other internship sites will be considered on an individual basis. The Education Abroad Fair, offered on-campus each fall, is an excellent opportunity to learn about international summer internship programs.
    • Students are not permitted to travel to any country for which a State Department warning has been issued, without completing a special appeals process through the CIE.
    • If approved for funding of an international summer internship, students will receive 25% of the budgeted cost from the CIE, plus $1,000 for term bill savings from the Office of Internships at the end of the summer. Loans are not usually an option for summer internships (because your enrollment is less than half time), however, additional funds may be available through:
        • the student’s academic program
        • the student’s participation in the EPG Program, Bonner Scholars, etc.
        • an outside grant, depending on the nature of the internship
        • application for external scholarships
    • Berea College funding for international internships is limited, so even though the Berea deadlines are in February, proposals and applications may be submitted earlier.

Office of Internships, Berea College Center for Transformative Learning


Contact the Education Abroad Team at or (859) 985-3453, or drop by Woods-Penniman 205.